Friday, 20 June 2008

Where's Summer?

Tomorrow it is midsummers day so where has all the sunshine gone? It will be the longest day but we haven't had chance yet for evening barbecues, sitting outside the pub, evenings on the beach. I know it is still only June but we have had some really, really hot days but cold evenings and now it is tipping down and it's cold again! Tomorrow we are going to a midsummers bonfire and barbecue so I'm hoping the sun will return as indoor barbecues will soon be the norm.

At the moment my eldest daughter and her boyfriend are sunning themselves here -

in Ayia Napa.

They went there for a fortnight, as they were fed up with the weather here, it has been sunny ever since they left now its started raining and they return on Sunday!
Talking of holidays I recently had a conversation with my 18 year old.

She is about to finish college after 2 years doing a hairdressing course.

For this she went to Truro college which meant leaving home at 7am and returning at 6pm at a cost of nearly £300 a year for transport. She has now decided she doesn't want to be a hairdresser even though she has passed all her assessments etc.
I suggested that she starts a modern apprenticeship in something that interests her but she can't decide what to do apart from becoming an accountant like her sister. So I said she would have to get a job as soon as college finished.
Her answer to this was 'I'll get a job in September because it's the summer holidays first!!'

Well when you work you don't get summer holidays that last from June to September.

Welcome to the real world Tara! Bless

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Country Cottage Chic said...

I wish proper summer would arrive too!