Friday, 27 March 2009

Thankyou Ragged Roses

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to win Kim's blog's birthday giveaway. This was one of the first blogs I discovered when I ventured into blogland, probably about a year ago. The parcel
arrived yesterday and certainly brightened up an otherwise very rainy miserable day.

The first package held some really pretty embellishments, a packet of sunflower seeds and 2 beautiful postcards. I have been hankering after some vintage Easter cards so that was a nice surprise.

Next there was a really sweet gingham bag filled with Easter eggs from this moment onwards I had a little munchkin stood on the chair declaring that she was so, so hungry complete with an exagerrated rubbing of the tummy!

And the reason for the huge box was one of Kim's gorgeous ragged tea cosies, which incidently smells divine and has the softest lining I have ever felt! If my fifteen year old had her own teapot she surely would have whisked this one away she deemed it amazing and wouldn't leave it alone.

And do you want to see what happened to Lily's hunger pangs.

The little monkey snuck her hand in as I was taking a photo stole a chocolate egg, unwrapped it and ate it lol!
Thankyou so much Kim you made my day and I loved it all.
Have a great weekend everyone I don't think we'll be going to the beach this week!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

A quick catch up.

I received this lovely parcel from Lace at the SCC for the February hearts and flowers swap. It all came wrapped up in a sweet whicker basket.

Thankyou Lace for my lovely swap goodies and I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to post about them.


I've received this award from the lovely Bekimarie - The ramblings of an everyday mummy and from the lovely Lisa - Vintage girl Thankyou both I know I'm meant to pass this on to 7 blogs but I think most have had it if you haven't feel free to help yourself.

I also had this one from the lovely and very talented Kitty - Kitty's bloggy bits Thankyou Kitty I will copy you and pass this on to all who commented on my last post.

I've had quite a bad week - being awake half the night, feeling miserable etc. Yesterday whilst sitting on Summerleaze beach in Bude the penny dropped, the reason for for all of this is Mothers day it plays on my subconscious. The same happens on what would have been my mum's birthday and the time of her death/funeral. Ridiculous really but once the day has passed I'm fine again! So make sure you look after your mums today and enjoy! I'll just add a little rant here I was really shocked yesterday on the beach it was absolutely filthy, strewn with beer bottles and cans. Obviously the beach cleaners don't start until Easter and we've had this unseasonal weather so the kids have been on the beach. I know Tara has been to Polzeath after work everyday, she finishes at 2.30 but I'd wring her neck if she was dumping litter on the beach, they should know better!

Now to end on a happy note when your feeling miserable a little foray at Amazon helps! Loving the 'Sewing in no Time' book great things to make in there and '100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet' has what I'd call easy to crochet things. I've made a intermediate lily of the valley and an advanced pansy both were really easy. There's butterflies, a ladybird, vegetables, leaves and flowers, 40 knitted and 60 crochet. I may even dust off my knitting needles if I can find them!
Well the sun's out again I'm going to open some pressies and then pop to Eden to see what bulbs are up and then over to Par to feed the swans and walk on the beach, have a great day.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Glorious Sunday

It must be warm the tortoise has woken from her hibernation much to Lily's delight.

After spending Saturday food shopping and more importantly at a jumble sale, we thought we'd make the most of the sunshine and go for a picnic on the moors just up the road from where we live. But first I put the washing on the line my haul from the jumble sale, I'm loving those candy stripes. I often wonder what my neighbour must think about my washing!

Look at that sky who'd believe that last week it was cold and rainy and it's only the second week of March.

First we go up the lane.

And past the calves, the mud in there is evidence of the weather we have had recently.

And oh dear, slightly muddy here too, on the bridlepath, who forgot the wellies, oops!

Never mind the mud there were beautiful primroses, brightening up the hedges.

Getting drier underfoot now, I love this pathway it looks so pretty in the sunlight.

And here's the gateway to the moors.

Which are bursting with colour thanks to the masses of gorse in full bloom.

And here's our destination a granite boulder about 8ft high and carved in 1810 to celebrate the golden jubilee of King George III.

If you stand on top you get this fantastic view and it was here that we saw the solar eclipse in 1999.

Now the important bit, for Lily, sitting under the rock for a picnic lunch!

And then onwards across the moor to home, didn't quite fancy going through the mud again! The two Tor's that can just be seen in the distance are Roughtor and Brown Willy.

And home again to sun dried washing. Did I mention I only paid 30p for 8 pillowcases and 20p for a perfect embroidered tablecloth :)

It's still a bit nippy in the evening though so I still have to light the fire!

I have been given some awards, which I will post about next time as at the moment the internet keeps going down every 10 minutes - so annoying!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A bit of Spring colour


And out

My completed hare.

Royal Albert cups - Primrose beds

Royal Doulton - April

Royal Albert Spring

Hi to Nicky at hollypops who is my swap partner for Pixiedusts Easter Springtime swap.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The best thing about de-junking is

re-junking, especially if the things that you de-junk belong to everyone else in the house!

A flawless dressing table mirror

Lots of pots!

I love this 50's pourer - 20p!

Some pillowcases and a crochet mat.

Apart from that I've made/revamped a few cushions and found a shop, very near me that sells Globatex fabric, which I love, for £3.25 a metre compared to the £6.99 I have been paying on Ebay.

A little present for Jodie's friend 16th birthday apparently she loved it and put the brooch on immediately.

Completed and sent my shabby chic cafe February hearts and love swap to VivW.

Covered some more MDF letters, only took me about 8 months to get around to it!

And I've been baking from this excellent little book it's a Be-Ro book only £1.25 ish. Found in the supermarket next to the flour, it must have about 150 recipes in it so very good value for money. I always make the choc chip cookies from here, it's the same recipe as Attic 24's but I always half the recipe again using the same amount of choc chips iyswim, they are not so sickly then.

I've also been busy making a little surprise present for someone, which hopefully will be in the post tommorrow or it will if I get off the computer now!