Monday, 15 November 2010

A thrifting show & tell.

Yet another rag doll abandoned & saved :)
1958 Singer book, 260 pages covering practically everything.

This is a metal tray with legs. A man selling old tools was using it to carry them on, I asked him if he'd sell it & he let me have it for a £1. It took a lot of elbow grease to clean it up & still has some rust marks but I like it.
I love this large bowl made in Staffordshire.

A friend of mine sold me this cupboard, which is huge & now houses lots of my fabric.

This is a pink Lloyd loom bedside cabinet. Sadly the fabric is quite water marked as you can see, I cleaned the glass but I haven't attempted the fabric yet. I was sold this for £6 as it didn't have a door knob luckily I already had an old china rose one that fit perfectly. The seller gave me the cot decals too.

Very cute book given to someone on Sept 24th 1955.

And finally some more June rose Pyrex to add to my collection, unused too!