Monday, 29 March 2010

Sewing & crochet makes part 1

This is my reason for lack of computer time at the moment, one thing for sure I'm covering my 20 minutes a day crafting challenge! Back in November we held our first monthly craft/produce market in the village and I'm pleased to say that it's been a success and we have 15 regular stalls. Because it's been so successful we are going to open every Wednesday morning in August and are having an extra one this weekend on Easter Saturday. We are very lucky in that everyone gets on well with each other so it's a pleasant place to be on a Saturday morning. We are also moving to new premises until the winter so will have bigger tables, I will no longer have to cram everything onto a tiny round table! I do tend to make a lot of stock mainly because during the next few months I will be busy tending the allotment but also because I'm always finding new fabric!
Egg cosies, there are more, children's ones, but I haven't taken photos yet.

I thought I'd make some lavender hangies for the boys, I've made some cowboy ones too using a fab Michael Miller fabric, for some reason I can't move the photos around so these are further down the page.

Crochet Spring flower hairclips.
Crochet bunny flowers.
Crochet bunnies.

Some softies.

Tea cosies.

Tiny bags for little girls.

Tissue holders.
So there you go life will soon resume to normal and then I can complete Dolly Dollop's crochet stool cover, finish some string quilting projects and catch up with the last month of recipes on the 52 week recipe challenge as well as get up to date with everyone's blogs of course!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Reasons to be cheerful.

I know it's 10 days later than when I said I'd be back and I haven't finished my bits of Spring crafting yet either! The reason for the absence well although my mum died over 5 years ago I still get a bit down on certain occasions one of them being mother's day, of course. For a week or so beforehand everything becomes a bit of a bother and needs a lot of effort. Anyway it's all done & dusted now and I'm here with a few reasons to be cheerful.
Picnicking on the beach at Crackington Haven on Mothering Sunday.
We even managed to take our coats off as you can see it was a beautiful day here.

Then strolling through Boscastle, one of my favourite places.

Finding an 18 piece teaset of June Rose Pyrex in it's original box. I've been collecting this for a few years so was very excited to find this and made a swift dash across the CS to grab it!
New books.
New old books all 1960's. The Practical Gardening and food production is brilliant and covers absolutely everything, including keeping chickens, which I aim to do very soon.
Some mother's day gifts, the lovely CK lookalike bag from Primark.
A Gisella Graham crochet cake container,
and a lovely bouquet of flowers.
Daffodils and crocuses in the garden.

Some 1970's fabric acquired from MIL.
Lily's Spring bonnet biscuits :)
And finally a sunshine award kindly given to me from Maria at Country Style living blog, if you haven't already do pop over and see her lovely blog and vintage homewares store. I'm useless at passing on awards properly and know many people have this one but if you haven't and would like it you're most welcome. Thankyou Maria.
Now I must go and do some baking as that's another thing I couldn't be bothered to do.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Dy'gol Sen Pyran Lowen

Happy St Piran's day from a gloriously sunny Cornwall. Saint Piran is one of the patron saints of Cornwall and St Piran's day is celebrated every year on the 5th March, it started as a tinner's holiday many, many years ago. I'm also celebrating the many signs that Spring has indeed sprung in Cornwall!

My daffodils in the garden are just starting to open in this picture taken this morning.
And this was my view at 10 o clock this morning a perfect blue sky.
Sorry this is such a short post but I'm trying to finish some Spring goodies that I've been sewing for the past few days, hopefully I'll be back on Monday with the finished products. A quick hi to all my new followers I will pop round to your blogs asap :)