Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Courgette glut recipes

The courgettes on my allotment keep growing & growing we've now had 63 and have tried lots of different recipes so as not to get bored with them. Just in case the same happens next year I thought I'd post some of the recipes we like here as you can guarantee I won't be able to find them again!
Chocolate courgette cake
120g soft margarine, 125ml sunflower oil, 100g caster sugar, 200g soft brown sugar, 3 eggs, 130ml milk, 350 Pl flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 4 tblsp cocoa, 450g grated courgette, 1tsp vanilla essence.
Mix all together put into a 20x35cm tray & bake 35 to 45 minutes @ 190c
Carrot & courgette muffins makes 24
315g caster sugar, 310 ml sunflower oil, 3 eggs, 275g strong white flour, 1 tblsp baking powder, 1tsp bicarb, 1 tblsp mixed spice, 250g grated courgette, 250g grated carrots, 50g sultanas.
Whisk sugar & oil together, add the eggs then everything else. Spoon into muffin cases & bake for 25 minutes @180c

Rustic courgette, pine nut & ricotta tart
2tbsp olive oil, 2 sliced courgettes, 250g tub ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, handful Basil, 1oz Parmesan,1 crushed garlic clove, 500g block puff pastry, handful pine nuts.
Fry courgettes in olive oil for 5 mins. In a bowl mix ricotta, eggs, basil, half Parmesan & the garlic. Roll out pastry to a rough round, transfer to baking tray. Spread the ricotta mix over leaving a 4cm border. Press the courgette slices into this then scatter pine nuts over & remaining Parmesan. Bring sides up a bit. Cook for 30 mins. 180C

Courgette & spinach tortelloni gratin serves 3-4
2 courgettes sliced into ribbons, 1 lge deseeded chopped red chilli 1x 250g pk ricotta spinach tortelloni, 1x 150g goats cheese, 175g young spinach, 2 tblsps fresh mint, handful basil, 275ml creme fraiche, 4tblsp parmesan, 3tblsp breadcrumbs
Cook the tortelloni in boiling water for 1minute then drain. Return to pan with the rest of the ingredients apart from the half the parmesan & the breadcrumbs. When hot tip into a gratin dish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs & parmesan put under hot grill for 4 minutes.
Prawn & couscous salad
200g couscous, 3tblsp olive oil, 50g pine nuts, 2 crushed cloves garlic, 2 courgettes sliced, 1 diced pepper, 4 spring onions, 1 chilli chopped, 2tblsp chopped parsley, 1 tblsp basil, 1 tblsp mint, 500g prawns. Dressing - 2tblsp olive oil, 3 tblsp lemon juice, 1 tblsp Thai fish sauce, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 2 tblsp coriander.
Place couscous in bowl pour 400ml boiling water over & leave to stand for 10 mins. Heat oil in pan & cook pine nuts until golden then add teh garlic, courgettes, pepper, spring onions & chilli cook for 5 mins.Stir this through the couscous. Dressing - mix all ingredients together & pour over.
Courgette fritters
140g pl flour, 2 eggs, 175ml milk, 50g cheddar, some chives, 2 grated courgettes, l
Cook grated courgette in a dry frypan for 3 mins tip onto kitchen paper squeeze dry. Mix with the other ingredients. Oil a pan then cook ladle fuls of the batter for a couple of mins on each side until golden.
Cheesy baked courgettes
2 courgettes halved lengthways, 125g ricotta, 1 deseeded & chopped chilli, zest of 1 lemon, handful of chopped mint, parsley, basil, 4 tblsp breadcrumbs.
Scoop the seeds from the courgettes then place the courgettes on a tray. Mix ricotta, lemon zest, chilli & herbs. Pile this into the courgettes & top with the breadcrumbs. Bake 35 mins @180c

Courgette & spinach soup - will add this soon.
Tagliatelle with prawns, courgettes & chilli - will add this soon.
Also made vegetable lasagne, courgette chutney
Will edit this soon as I have to go & cook now tonight it's the turn of the marrow ;)