Friday, 30 January 2009

Some sewing and crochet.

I don't know about the weather where you are but it was bright blue skies and sunshine here on Wednesday, (not now though it's tipping it down!) Anyway I couldn't go out and garden as the builders outside my house had broken a water pipe so no water all day. There was only one thing for it a bit of sewing whilst Lily playdoughed. I got my machine out for the first time this year and made some funny Easter bunnies, there were a few as I couldn't decide on the fabric!

I'm not too sure about the eyes and noses lol.

Then a few lavender filled hearts and a little bird.

Spring, hopefully, will soon be here, Tildas 'Crafting Springtime Gifts' is off the shelf and the list is being made!

I've also been busy on the crochet front I made a rose tea cosy, not that I drink tea but that's neither here nor there! I started this from a pattern found on the net. It was something to do whilst watching Snakes on a Plane - quite weird and scary - the film not the crochet! Anyway because I kept hiding behind the pattern I got completely lost so I finished by just doing my own thing.

Another thing that has had me flummoxed was a vintage rose cap pattern, it took three attempts. I realised after a few rows that the hook size was wrong, the hat would've fitted Barbie! Using a bigger hook and it was okay for Tiny Tears, finally with a very large hook it fit Lily and she loves it as she can pull it over her eyes and can see through the gaps. Luckily the hat only took a couple of hours to crochet.

My January swap has been received by Claire at Dollydollop. The theme was Cath Kidstonesque, I embroidered an heart and stuffed it with lavender, crocheted a garland of flowers and decoupaged a frame with CK tissues and then added a pink polka dot mug.

I've also been given another award from the wonderful Angel at shabby angel.

The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming. This blog invests in proximity in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be new friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandisement. Our hope is that when ribbons of these awards are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give your kind attention to these writers."
I know I should now be giving this to 8 people but it appears to have done the rounds if you haven't had it you are most welcome to take it. (Angel you've already got this! lol)

Have a great weekend and wrap up warm it's going to be a cold one.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Some thrifting and awards

This may come out as a load of waffle as I'm very tired. Lily has had a really high temperature at night for the last 4 days so has been awake most the night, even calpol hasn't worked but thankfully she's ok now. Anyway I felted my woolies this morning, well I think I have they've certainly shrunk and I scooped a ton of fluff out of the tumble drier! Now I've got to try and make something with it. The rest of the week was spent painting these frames and the printers tray - tedious!

And then I played with this little old cupboard, I glued a piece of CK oilcloth on the door and then lined the inside with some wallpaper and plastic lace! Roll on the Spring when you can actually take a decent photo!

That photo is so blurry sorry.

I've also been making things for the January swap the theme being Cath Kidstonesque but I haven't sent them yet so will post photos when Boysmum3 receives them.

Now when I went to the jumble sale I did get a few bits and pieces:

A large rose pyrex casserole

Some plates, I've now filled my plate rack so I'm going to have to start swapping them around or get another rack :)

Some china etc - I was really pleased to find the green Woods ware as I have the matching teapot and coffee pot.

Some curtains for the fabric.

I don't make a habit of buying teddies but this TY bear was so cute for 10p and she goes well with the yellow rimmed bowls - very Spring like.

Don't go thinking that I've lost the plot (like everyone at home does lol) but I saw this little lady looking so dirty faced, unwanted and forlorn that I had to have her, she was 20p but it must've taken someone ages to make her. I couldn't leave her to get trampled on and hopefully I'll be able to get that grubby face clean!

I'm liking jumble sales very much as i also got a fairly new Boden jacket for 20p and an unworn Zara jacket also 20p, it's a pity you don't see them often.

I've very kindly been given some awards this week firstly this one, three times from Mandy at The Vintage Kitten, Tracey at Tcalamity and Debbie at Debbies English Treasures. Thankyou I think all your blogs are fabulous too.

I'm going to pass this to:
Clare at Summerfete.
Kittywrinkle at Kitty's bloggy bits.
Angel at Shabby Angel.
Andrea at Indigo Blue.
Little Gem at little Gem's world.
Lace threads at Lace hearts.
Victoria at Vintage Tea.
I also received this one from Tracey at Tcalamity thankyou Tracey.

And finally this one from Andrea at Indigo Blue Thankyou Andrea.

I award this to

Clare at summerfete.

Tracey at Tcalamity.

Mandy at The Vintage Kitten.

Debbie at Debbies English treasures.

Mary at Mary Poppins

Sandie at Dancing on a blade of grass.

I'll nominate these this evening because I've got to go and cook now, have a great weekend everyone. I'll be celebrating Burns night on Sunday with some Haggis.
Oops 3 days later and I've nominated!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Crochet hexagons, ripples and an eiderdown.

I can't believe it is nearly 2 weeks since my last post - that sounds a bit like bloggers anon! Although I'm a lot better now I still feel ill and don't have the energy to do much including putting the computer on! But I did do some of my neglected ripple, while poorly, until something more important came along that is.

That something being a crochet hexagon blanket,

or at least the start of one, using Lucy at attic 24's excellent tutorial.

I'd recommend this tutorial to anyone it's so easy to follow.

I started about a week ago using 15 colours plus yellow for the centres and have done 60 so far, only another 200 or so to go!

I have also partaken in a little retail therapy firstly a duvet set from M and Co, very CK methinks but only £10! It is actually blue - rubbish photo - see further down pic with eiderdown.

And this fab Union Jack doormat from Matalan £4. I've wanted one for ages but the ones I found were £24 and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a doormat, anyway I'm so glad I waited.

Now in November I decided I wanted to try and felt some wool, after seeing lots of great tutorial for making things from it. Well I couldn't find any wool jumpers, until this weekend when I saw a jumble sale advertised, at last, and bought these few, which I will hopefully be able to felt, watch this space!

Something else I've wanted was an old eiderdown.

At the sale I looked down and just under the table I spied an eiderdown sticking out of a bin bag. I asked how much - 50p! That did make me feel better lol. It's feather filled, not smelly but I will need to clean it so will wait for the warmer weather for that. I also bought a bit of bric a brac but that'll have to wait till next time. Again a seriously bad photo the one above is a better colour.

And just because I've been playing with mosiac maker- a few of my pressies.

Oh and I've just been offered a 'maybe job' - managing a pre school adjoined to a primary school - 'maybe job' because it's just in the planning stages but they wanted to know if I'd be interested in running it. I said yes 0f course as I loved my job and really miss it.

I'll be back with my wonderful felted wool - hopefully!