Sunday, 23 May 2010

A month's crafting.

Haven't done a sewing post for a while so thought I'd do a little catch up. I recently bought a whole load of duck feather cushion inserts and came up with these appliqued cushions, the beach huts & the cottage sold straight away. I've since had orders for more of these 2, some camper van ones a wedding one and some to supply a new Bistro that is opening nearby. So the past couple of days I've sat outside and designed a dozen cushions all of them themed around a line of bunting.

Now the sun is out I've also been busy on the pegbag making front this one is made from a Laura Ashley fabric.
I made this cute bag for myself in my 20 minuters time. I thought it would be great for summer and I do have an awful lot of lace that I need to use up. It came from a tutorial that I can't find now, if I find it I'll add it.
This string of hearts were made for a mother of a bride to add to the wedding gift that she had bought.
I've also added these bits to my craft stall - hanging strawberries scented with strawberries & cream.
A mini lavender cushion made from some really sweet vintage fabric.
More lavender hearts.
Some elephants with
crochet flowers at the top of their tails.
Some yoyo brooches again trying to use up some lace.
And some lavender filled hanging fish.
I usually put photos of my makes in a facebook album but I've now spent over a month trying to add photos and it doesn't seem to work anymore getting very frustrated with it.
I'll end this post with some sad news, my sweet little Silkie hen Flossie has died. We don't know why she died it could've been the stress of being somewhere new she was only with us for 2 weeks and in that time she wasn't very lively & didn't lay, so she could've been egg bound or it may well have been old age. We do miss her lots though :(

Friday, 7 May 2010

Meet the girls at long last.

For years I have wanted chickens but have never got any because of worrying about the neighbors complaining, which is really silly as we live in the country and have sheep, cows etc all around us not to mention a gazzillion barking dogs! We also have a small garden but last year we got our piece of field enabling us to make an allotment there thus freeing up space in the garden. I did a lot of research and found out about the allotment act of 1950, which put my mind at rest, to a degree, about the neighbours. Anyway last Sunday we collected them a black Maran which, I've named Maude, a light Sussex named Delilah and a Silkie named Flossie.

We shut them in their house when we got them home, Mr CB had made it on legs to discourage rats, so they have a ladder to climb down. Maude was out first then Delilah eventually after a little nudge Flossie looked out and there she stood for 1/2 hr or so! She has the hang of it now and is straight out in the mornings.
Maude is quite noisy she seems to be the announcer of any eggs being laid by her or Delilah.
Flossie is such a cute little thing but I don't expect her to lay many eggs, I had to have her as I do love Silkies.
And Delila is definately Mrs bossy boots and the greedy one she goes inside to lay her egg Maude starts cackling I go to quieten her, which makes Delilah come out to see if I have some food for her, this makes the egg laying process quite a long one.

Maude laid the first egg within 2 hrs of coming home and her and Delilah have laid each day.
As they are on bark in their pen I've put a shallow flower pot of soil in there for them to have a dust bath it's quite hard to see in the picture but they love this.
They didn't think much of yesterdays rain though.

Once they've settled in, had their wings clipped and I've moved all my seedlings down to the allotment they'll be able to rummage around the garden I and I'm sure they can't wait!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Beautiful Quilts

I live in a very small village with a shop, a school, a pub and a church and a whole lot of talent! Yesterday I went to an exhibition in the church by a group of 6 local ladies. This quilting group meets once a week in one lady's house and these are the results of their labours. I was truly amazed by their work sadly my little camera doesn't really do them justice.
The wall hanging quilt below depicted one lady's house etc and the work is very detailed lots of different textures too.

This quilt wasn't one of the groups makes but was made in the 1920's in Dakota, a very thin summer quilt, beautiful piece of work!

Some gorgeous figures

and cushions too.
It has definately given me the push I needed to finish my cactus basket quilt started a long long time ago so watch this space! The one at the top of this post took about 16 years so there hope for me yet. They also had some fabric for sale, I thought it would be rude to come away empty handed :D
Now I'm off to do something very exciting indeed ............. todays the day I get my chickens! We went to choose them last night a brown Silkie, a black Maran and a white Light Sussex.