Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A few days out

I haven't posted for a while because of phone & internet problems, having a few problems trying to do this post too. The photos won't centre & the text seems to have a mind of it's own! Anyway we're on holiday this week so I thought I ought to post the backlog of what we've been up to recently.

L had the class giraffe, Geoffrey come to stay for a week so we took him to the woods for a picnic.

and looked for dragonflies.

We went to Lost Fest, which is a yearly event held at Lostwithiel. Lots of music, dancing and stalls, these ladies were L's favourite we had to drag her away in the end.

We spent a sunny day over at Padstow, where we walked over to the beach at Hawkers cove.

L went to meet her elder sister's
boss, Paul Ainsworth at No 6. I think she's his number 1 fan so much so that she's hoping to get a job there too, although she doesn't understand why she has to wait until she's older as she can cook already!

Over at Padstow again, we went to the Royal British Legion's summer fete held in the grounds of Prideaux Place, a beautiful house looking out over Padstow.


The Eden Project have a circus event, The Labyrinth, taking place over the Summer holidays. To promote this the No Fit State Circus had a parade through St Austell. It Looks like it'll be a fantastic show but at £30 for adults & £17.50 for children I don't think we'll be going!