Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a fab wedding that was!

What can I say ......... the dress & veil were stunning, elegant and perfect for Catherine.
I loved the Lily of the valley bouquet and the bridesmaids dresses too, a perfect day!
Photos Daily Mail online.
As our village had no celebrations we had our own. We hung out the bunting, had the TV on all day and had a buffet lunch.
With a few Union Jacks scattered around.
This was my ultra slim 21 yr old's brunch!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spring in Cornwall

A friend of ours has 4 Jacob sheep ewes & they all had triplets, 1 died but the others are thriving. This one was only a few hours old when we met her.
A thrush munching on a snail.
A walk through the woods & meadow, where everything is springing into life.
A fern about to unfurl.
A Beech nut growing through the dead leaves.

Trees coming to life.
I disturbed this little fella from his sleep in my garden.
Swans & Canadian geese enjoying the sunshine.
Maude & Delilah trying to hide from the sun & cooling down with a dust bath.
L's Easter bonnet & Spring picture made for the school Easter fayre.

Hope you are all enjoying the Spring sunshine & have a happy Easter.