Monday, 24 February 2014

Summer & Autumn 2012

Just popping in with another update, Summer and early Autumn 2012

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Catch up to ...... July 2012!

Right time to catch up ... part one
Magnificent Magnolia at Lanhydrock. Ladybird fancy dress. My 2 newbies Rhode Island Reds x Light Sussex Priscilla and Doris, fantastic layers nearly every day since I got them! Olympic art.
 My new puppy a Teddy Bear ...Bishon Frisse x Shih Tzu called Dolly :) Losing first tooth. Olympic torch.
Queen's jubilee celebrations. Dolly's first day at home.
 6th Birthday cake a Fairy castle. Dolly meets Tantor the  tortoise.
Acting in Treasure Island at Sterts. Dolly making herself at home on my strawberry plants & under the mesh!! Asleep on L's bed! Ice cream cupcakes.
And that brings us up to July 2012! BRB x

Long time no blog :)

Hey, long time no blog!!! It's been a while but now I'm back!! Just got to suss out the new 'blogger' & find my way around. It's feels really strange to see all my posts still here after not looking for a couple of years :)

Just a few signs that Spring is on it's way! Guess I better go & make some photo collages of the last 2 years :)