Friday, 24 July 2009

Enough is enough!

There was a time that I was very fit but having 4 children has taken it's toll, I think it's the fourth one that tips you over the edge! With the first two I managed to get back to 8 stone reasonably quickly albeit with my first I was under so much stress I didn't eat very much for a year and with my second I got addicted to exercise. With my third child it took a little longer but it was done sensibly using my collection of fitness videos/DVDs, aerobics and step classes twice a week, 5 hour aerobathon's every now & then. Along with lots and lots of walking and bike riding.

Well now my youngest is three and I'm so unfit it half kills me to walk up a hill, added to this I still have 3 stone to loose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. So I've dusted off my power plate bought over a year ago & not really used until now, I read that Madonna rates it highly and it's the espresso of exercise machines, well watch this space lol.

The mini trampoline has come out of hiding, this one was bought 3 years ago and I paid £89 for it and as you can see it's hardly been used, I think possibly only once.

So I'm hoping that using these two, doing lots of walking and getting into the habit of doing fitness DVDs again, I may change things around and actually get back to normal. Also by putting it on my blog it may just remind me to do something.

I am so annoyed my lounge wallpaper, which I love has been ruined. Of course I blamed everybody for it but on inspecting the area couldn't find any bits of paper and it is rather high up, above the mantlepiece. Now don't think I'm crazy but we have reason to believe that the culprit was indeed a tiny snail. I have a jug of Hydrangeas, brought in from the garden, on my mantlepiece and we found a snail at the top of the wall directly above the ruined patch. Apparently snails will eat paper so it would make sense. The moral of this story is make sure you check your Hydrangeas for snails before bringing them into the house.

And yes, I did apologise to everyone for blaming them.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Newquay Zoo & other bits!

It's been a bit grotty this week as far as the weather's concerned! Lily has been playing dress up hence the photo of her dressed as Upsy Daisy from 'In the night garden'.

We had a trip to Newquay zoo with the toddler group and got rather wet as there were some really heavy showers. Luckily there were some dry spells as well so we did see some of the animals.

This little otter was very busy supervising the alterations being made to his patch!

The lemurs were soon tempted out of their house when the keeper shook their bucket of food.
We were also pretty sure we saw the actor who played Andy Mcdonald in Coronation Street, if it wasn't him it was the spitting image of him and he did have a really strong Manchunian accent! I was tempted to try and take a photo but didn't dare in the end.
I know Newquay has had a lot of bad press recently and to be honest we only tend to go there to go to the zoo. It is a shame though as it does have some really lovely beaches. It's really awful what happened to the two boys but I honestly don't know what the parents are thinking of sending their 16 year olds off, unsupervised to holiday with friends there. I wouldn't dream of letting my 15 yr old, who's just finished her GCSE's there to celebrate or indeed to London or anywhere else. My older girls go there clubbing but were only allowed once they were 18 and they get asked for ID now at 19 & 22. Why can't children just be children these days, why do they have to grow up so quickly and be encouraged to grow up quickly by their parents after all you're not meant to be an adult until you're 18. Anyway enough said!

I made this Ava bag from a Tanya Whelan pattern using Globaltex fabrics. I found it a bit tricky around the handle but now I've tried it it'll be easier next time. Then I had a little play and made a coin purse and a crochet mobile phone holder to go in the bag.

I also went to a garden party, thsi week, in aid of Cancer Research and bought this gorgeous Grindley coffee pot, which matches the Johnson Bros plate that I bought the day before in our village shop's bric a brac section.

I also bought these tea plates as I have cake plates to match.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Sewing & thrifting

I made this quick one hour bag using some Globaltex fabric, above photo is the front and below is the back.

Couldn't resist this bright, simple flower fabric, it was only £3.45 a metre and thought it would make a fun tote. I bought some with a pink background as well, Lily chose it so I'm going to make a duvet cover for her with it, pictures to follow eventually.

Another Globltex fabric was used to make a runner for my kitchen table.

And some really simply quilted coasters, did I mention I was bored on Friday, hence the sewing spurt.

A peg bag to match my carrier bag holder.

I made Lily these two skirts the first one was cut from the hem of a very large, 20p, skirt from a jumble sale.

A skirt for the beach.

I know I shouldn't but she was so cute and only £1.

A pretty rose plate, the rim is really a very bright turqouise that you can't see in this photo.

Some more brooches and pins.

Two Royal Albert moonlight rose mugs.

Another picture, yet more frame painting to do!

I went to a 30p book sale on Saturday and got these, first some gardening books.

I bought this one for the illustrations, so sweet.

Fab Twinkle annuals.

Fairy tales to add to my collection that I started after doing a storytelling course.

and more children's books.

I spotted this one just up the road from my house isn't she so cute?

I bought this to keep the flies away when we have barbecues but it didn't get used this weekend.

Didn't dry my washing either!