Thursday, 16 July 2009

Newquay Zoo & other bits!

It's been a bit grotty this week as far as the weather's concerned! Lily has been playing dress up hence the photo of her dressed as Upsy Daisy from 'In the night garden'.

We had a trip to Newquay zoo with the toddler group and got rather wet as there were some really heavy showers. Luckily there were some dry spells as well so we did see some of the animals.

This little otter was very busy supervising the alterations being made to his patch!

The lemurs were soon tempted out of their house when the keeper shook their bucket of food.
We were also pretty sure we saw the actor who played Andy Mcdonald in Coronation Street, if it wasn't him it was the spitting image of him and he did have a really strong Manchunian accent! I was tempted to try and take a photo but didn't dare in the end.
I know Newquay has had a lot of bad press recently and to be honest we only tend to go there to go to the zoo. It is a shame though as it does have some really lovely beaches. It's really awful what happened to the two boys but I honestly don't know what the parents are thinking of sending their 16 year olds off, unsupervised to holiday with friends there. I wouldn't dream of letting my 15 yr old, who's just finished her GCSE's there to celebrate or indeed to London or anywhere else. My older girls go there clubbing but were only allowed once they were 18 and they get asked for ID now at 19 & 22. Why can't children just be children these days, why do they have to grow up so quickly and be encouraged to grow up quickly by their parents after all you're not meant to be an adult until you're 18. Anyway enough said!

I made this Ava bag from a Tanya Whelan pattern using Globaltex fabrics. I found it a bit tricky around the handle but now I've tried it it'll be easier next time. Then I had a little play and made a coin purse and a crochet mobile phone holder to go in the bag.

I also went to a garden party, thsi week, in aid of Cancer Research and bought this gorgeous Grindley coffee pot, which matches the Johnson Bros plate that I bought the day before in our village shop's bric a brac section.

I also bought these tea plates as I have cake plates to match.


Anonymous said...

love the bits you have been making!

I've never been to Newquay itself, but love to go to Cornwall on holiday, there are some really beautiful places down there :-)

I have to say though, my daughter's only four now, but I think it will be a very long time before I let her go anywhere on her own, never mind on holiday!
I think it's a shame the whole world can be dangerous these days. I guess all we can do is educate them to the best of our ability and hope they do as they are told!

Rose XXX

LittleGem said...

Lovely makes Bliss, I like our matching globaltex bags!! hehe!
Ooh and that coffee pot is lovely, beautiful colour xx

Serenata said...

So true about children growing up too fast. I wouldn't let a 15 - 16 year old go anywhere like that either. You are right Newquay does have lovely beaches, it is just a shame it has become too much like a teenage holiday resort because with that comes trouble unfortunately.

Love your bag.

LissyLou said...

How cute is your little girl as upsy daisy!

Anonymous said...

looks like a great day.I am starting a new blog called midwife wannabe, so am still around. xx t

Florence and Mary said...

I went to Newquay a few years ago and really loved it.

The bag you made is fantastic!

Victoria xx

Indigo Blue said...

I really like the shape of the bag you have made. I have been doing a little crochet lately, still very much a novice but getting there slowly. We often go to Newquay zoo as Sophie's friends also have their parties at the Bull Pit every noe and then. Sorry to be thick but what does govaltex feel like? Cotton?