Friday, 22 May 2009

A stressful week

I've had a really bad week, lots of stress and insomnia. The main cause of this has been Bebo + one of my children. Of course when something has stressed you big time everything else just becomes too much. Just to make me feel better my camera decided to break, this could have been due to the fact that my bag, with camera in, fell off the kitchen table onto the slate floor! I've tried banging it a bit but it's still won't work, why do these things always happen at the wrong time! Today is Jodie's last day of school and the leavers prom is tonight, so there's been lots of excitement happening here. We are going to her friends house first where 28 of her friends + their parents are meeting for champagne and canapes before the kids leave in a limosine and a party bus to the prom venue. I'll be there with my disposable camera taking photos ....... how classy will that look, lol! After the prom they are going to another friend's house to party the night away in a marquee in their garden. Then the revision will start in earnest for GCSE's in a couple weeks time, more stress!!
Now for the good bits, firstly my dog is absolutely fine you wouldn't know that she'd had an operation, mind you if she tramples over all my potato plants again she may need another op! Also my wonderful freestyle swap parcel arrived from Lyn, sadly I couldn't take photos but will as soon as I get a new camera. I do however have photos of what I sent to Lyn.

I sent a fabric bucket, a crochet flower brooch, an owl bookmark, felt needlecase, a lavender filled bird, a chicken teabag holder and some chocolate.

I've also made 2 pairs of 3/4 length trousers and 2 skirts for Lily, here's the fabric cutout, pre camera breakage, photos to follow!

And I've started crocheting my hexagons together, at last. Because I hadn't crocheted them together on the last round, I'm doing it now with a lilac colour, in dc so it will have a ridge effect.

I managed to buy these a couple a weeks ago about 2m of new fabric only £2 in the CS

And these gorgeous barkcloth curtains for 25p at a jumble sale, not sure what I'm going to do with them yet though.

Now if I had my camera I would show a picture of what I did yesterday. My sewing machine has been sluggish lately and the tension had gone to pot, so I changed the needle and thought I'd clean it at the same time. Now if you're like me and forget to do these things I suggest you go and do it soon. This machine is only a year old and is kept under cover but the amount of dust and fluff inside was attrocious, works like a dream now :)
Have a great 'long' weekend, the sun is shining here so that may help to lift my spirits.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Poorly dog!

As I write this my poor little dog is undergoing an operation.

We took her to the vets last night as she had a lump that had suddenly got quite big.

It turned out that the lump was a cancerous growth on the mammary gland and it had become infected hence the sudden increase in size.

On further inspection the vet found another small lump behind the large one. So she stayed at the vets last night and will be operated on around about now.

They are going to remove the large lump, put her on a course of antibiotics and then remove the smaller one at a later date. They also said that it may be an idea to get her spade as well to stop any recurring growths. But we'll see what happens as she's 12 years old now, I don't know yet how beneficial it would be to her. I have a friend who's a vet so will have to see what she recomends when I see her next week. In the meantime we just have to wait and hope that she comes out of the operation ok, we'll know at 2PM.

You may wonder why I have littered this post with various doggy pics rather than photos of the real thing. Well there is a photo of her on my sidebar, not a great one as she doesn't like to have her photo taken so she tends to hide her head when she spots a camera, bit like her owner :)

Edited to add she is now home minus 1 yucky growth! Looking well but feeling a bit sorry for herself, which is exactly how my wallet feels as it's £201 lighter! She has painkillers and antibiotics to take then has to go back in 10 days to remove the stitches and to check on the smaller lump. Thankyou for all your thoughts.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thrifting spree!

I've been very busy this last week as we are converting an adjoined outhouse into a proper utility room with downstairs toilet. I say we but the OH is doing it, it helps that he is a builder/plasterer by trade and has had this week of to make a start. I in the meantime have to make it look like I don't go on the computer much during the day! We have also been lent a piece of land in which to grow veg and eventually keep chickens on so we need to crack on with it or my veggies will not have time to grow. (I've started a blog about it today linked in my side bar.) Hence this is a quick post slightly picture heavy!!
I haven't posted any photos of thrifted items for a long time so thought I'd upload some today. The trouble was there were so many that I had to make a few mosaics of them in my defence this thrifting took place over 2 months ..... not too bad really!

Nearly forgot this one it needs ironing but it's a set of 3 matching tablemats, there are also many many books but are scattered everywhere now.

I have looked for everywhere for a bucket in this shade of blue and found it last week at the first large car boot of the season, it certainly made me smile.

So that's the thrift out the way, until tomorrow when I'm going to a jumble/ tabletop sale hopefully I will find some more woolies to felt.
I've only completed one piece of crafting this week, although I have done a lot of crochet. This was part of a present for a friends birthday - filled with lavender.

And finally how cute is this glass, well plastic glass, only £1 in Asda.

Have a great weekend we'll be thrifting, painting, digging, shopping and in a spare moment I have to give my dad's house a quick clean as he's been on holiday in Australia for 8 weeks and gets back Wednesday.