Thursday, 30 April 2009

April crafting

I've done quite a lot of sewing/crocheting recently probably because Lily is more independent now and if I'm very lucky and she hasn't slept in the day she's usually asleep by 7.30. I made a couple of tote bags, flowers for me and stripes for my eldest, using Lace threads tutorial.

These were very easy to make as was this one hour bag - tutorial here. These were all made from Globaltex.

I bought some lovely childrens fabrics that Clare had donated for an auction in aid of KIN at the shabbychiccafe and this is what I've made so far - a bunny for Lily using this tutorial.

A Union Jack noticeboard that I had a sudden whim for hence it is square rather than rectangular ....... I could only find a square frame in my house.

Then there were the swaps that I sent off. The first one was the Easter swap for Hollypops.

Tilda pot holder.

Fat hen.

Crochet bunny brooch.

Then this little lot went to Pixiedust for the shabbychiccafe April swap.

Felt chicks.

Crochet plant sticks.

And I've been busy making my freestyle swap, which should be in the post next week.
I've also been crocheting a lot more of these flowers and other bits to sell this time. I was asked if I'd supply a gallery in Rock with some handmade items, this was after the owner saw my daughter wearing some jewellry I had made. Well I started sewing and crocheting brooches, keyrings etc. and now a couple weeks later I find out they've gone bankrupt! So I'll have to do some craft fairs and start a blogshop I suppose!

Added to that I bought this great fabric, not a great pic it's quite bright really and only 98p a metre. I'm going to make some 3/4 length trousers for Lily. They had some in green as well so have sent my daughter back to the shop to get me some.

Before I go I must say Happy Birthday to Mr CB and now I have to make his card, wrap presents and ice the cake ......... I have one and a half hours!!!! I don't usually leave it to the last minute but Lily has been sick today and up since 4, actually he's very lucky that I've even made the cake. I've also got a 19 year old with a sock monkey kit wingeing in my ear that she can't sew ..... Kittywrinkle where are you?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Easter swap and other Easter doings.

I've been neglecting my poor blog, that's the trouble when the sun comes out, too much to do. I popped on the other day and noticed 2 new followers, Lyn and Sylvia, which brought me up to 49 today I see it's 48 so I hope I haven't upset anyone! This happened before it was on 39 and suddenly went back to 37, strange, blogging is definately not good for paranoia!

Anyway more importantly my gorgeous Easter swap arrived from Nicky at hollypops I was thoroughly spoiled with a beautful hand painted card,

the cutest bunny ever and a very pretty lavender filled heart.

Look at this exquisite tray cloth and embroidered mats, aren't they beautiful?

And finally some very pretty napkins oh and of course some chocolate eggs and a Lindt bunny, don't know were they've gone!

Thankyou so much Nicky for such a lovely swap and thankyou also to Pixiedust for organizing it. My faith in swaps is now restored, after not receiving my Christmas decoration swap so I've now signed up for Silkie Sue's freestyle swap and have been partnered with Lyn .....Hi Lyn.
Now on to what else has been happening here .... Lily and Tara have been decorating gingerbread bunnies.

Lily made some Easter stick puppets.

And we went to Eden to see the fantastic display of Spring bulbs.

The smell of Hyacinths is overwhelming.

Beautiful tulips everywhere in an array of colours.

And some amarylis



And this delightful display advertising the big lunch on the 19th of July, you can look on the website for the event in your area.

Now I must get ready for toddler group, it's a couple of hours before it starts but Lily likes to take her time getting ready!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fluff and Feathers.

In my boredom this morning I thought I would gather together my bunnies for an Easter portrait. Starting with an Easter garland that I copied from Lisa.

There are quite a few bunnies in this house, sadly no real ones.

I know ..... the hare snuck in there!

I then started on my feathered friends again no real ones, not yet anyway. Some fat hens I got the pattern for these from the April issue of Prima magazine.

This one's already had chicks.

Group photo.

Lilys' efforts - the card we made at toddler group and pompom chicks/ bunny.

I didn't want to leave the geese out,

or the lambs!

So that's that all the fluff and feathers now bring on the chocolate!

Nearly forgot my Easter tree, I must add it doesn't usually block the kitchen door, it was the only bit of blank background I had.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

March Sewing and Crochet

A few bits and bobs I've made this past month first a few crochet flower and fabric yoyo brooches that 18 of Jodie's friends asked 'Do you think your mum would make me one too'!

I do like to crochet flowers as they're so quick to do but apart from brooches I never know what to do with them so I crocheted a clothes hanger cover and added one to it.

I then started some Easter sewing and made some birdhouse egg cosies and a patchwork Easter egg bag from Tilda's Crafting Springtime book.

Which led me to making a little drawstring patchwork bag for Lily's pegrail.

I adore this ballerina fabric but only managed to buy 10 3'' squares I wish I could get a FQ of it so if anyone has seen it anywhere can you let me know.

I made myself a small drawstring bag as well from some rose squares.

Then I thought I'd try Mitmot on the SCC's tutorial for a needlecase and pincushion I kinda rushed the needlecase so the binding looked atrocious in the corner a little crochet flower sorted that! The trouble is most of the time when I'm sewing I have to multitask and play playdough, do cutting and sticking, painting etc as Lily sits at the other end of the table understandably wanting attention.

Carrying on with the tutes Lace did one for fabric buckets so I thought I'd try them out they are fab to do and so easy, one for me and one for Lily.

Warning they are a tad addictive.

And finally one of littlegem's brooches I backed my fabric with interfacing but I actually prefer littlegem's unbacked ones these are great to make too.

Well that's about it apart from boringly blocking crochet hexagons and making my Easter swap bits that went in the post today so should be winging their way to hollypops as we speak.

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a lovely weekend.