Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fluff and Feathers.

In my boredom this morning I thought I would gather together my bunnies for an Easter portrait. Starting with an Easter garland that I copied from Lisa.

There are quite a few bunnies in this house, sadly no real ones.

I know ..... the hare snuck in there!

I then started on my feathered friends again no real ones, not yet anyway. Some fat hens I got the pattern for these from the April issue of Prima magazine.

This one's already had chicks.

Group photo.

Lilys' efforts - the card we made at toddler group and pompom chicks/ bunny.

I didn't want to leave the geese out,

or the lambs!

So that's that all the fluff and feathers now bring on the chocolate!

Nearly forgot my Easter tree, I must add it doesn't usually block the kitchen door, it was the only bit of blank background I had.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter.


claire said...

great pictures xxx love all those bunnies :)
I'm just taking pics of my easter efforts to blog about!!
I love your tilda lambs - are they in the springtime book?
Those fat hens are great...I did some with ribbon legs (like lacey did) as I lost the will plaiting felt(no girls see I'm not used to it lol!!!)

Hollypop's said...

Hi, love all the fluff and feathers!
Hope you got my e-mail, I was really pleased with my swap goodies, thanks so much, I will do a post on them soon.
Hopefully you will have received yours too by the weekend.
Take care and Happy Easter.

Gingerbread said...

Lily's card is lovely, I enjoyed looking at all the cute pictures love the group photo, and the bunnies. Happy Easter. Julie.C

Pixiedust said...

Lovley pics, I can see your a Tilda addict like me! A BIG Thankyou for the lovely Easter swap you sent me, You really spoiled me, lots of gorgeousness. I will put some pics on my blog this evening after tea. I've already display the chicks and crochet flowers, Infact displayed everything, it was all so lovley. (((Big hugs)))) Pixie xxx

Sal said...

Hi there!
I love all your gorgeous fluff and feathers pics!
Have a good Easter ;-)

Vintage Tea said...

What a great bunny collection!

Happy Easter and Thank you for your birthday wishes yesterday, I had a lovely day.

Victoria xxx

bekimarie said...

What a great collection!
Lots of Eastery goodness.
Have a great Easter.
Beki xxx

vintage girl said...

Beautiful bunnies! lovely sheep too! Have a very happy easter! Lisaxxx

Flossie and Tom said...

Lovin the eggs on the Easter Tree - I love all your Easter Displays - you've inspired me to do some of my own.


Kitty said...

Wow ... so much Eastery goodness! I haven't made a single Easter 'thing' ... not one. *blush* x

summerfete said...

Ooh you're very eastery!
Thanks for your concern, it's nothing bad, just something that keeps me away from the computer.
Happy Easter Yvonne!

Elaine said...

Lovely photos, I should think you haven't got room for a real bunny LOL
Happy Easter.

Love and blessings

Shabby Chick said...

Awww you have some very cute things there! I love bunnies and that garland is gorgeous.

Thanks v much for your comment, you are totally right! I hope you have a wonderful easter.

Mel xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Such fun! Love the fat hens.

Hope you have a happy Easter!

thriftymrs said...

Great collection of bunnies and chickies.
Happy Easter.

Heart in the country said...

Wow - you have been busy. I love the fat hens, they'd make brilliant door stops as well. I missed the April Prima, I'll have to order a back copy :0)

I love the crochet flowers of your last post, I so wish I could crochet, I'm trying to teach myself out of a book but am not doing too well.

Have a happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter ... your collection made me smile xx

Indigo Blue said...

Great photos. it is surprising how the Easter bunnies collect during the year. An award on my blog for you. Happy Easter and isn't the weather lovely in Cornwall today!x

Caroline said...

So much Easter fun in your house! I really love your displays, they are wonderfully creative.

Andrea said...

Do you know what.... I nearly got hubby convinced to let me have a rabbit at the week-end, we have a new pet shop opened recently and they have Baby Rabbits, when I put my finger against the glass of where they were the one little tiny black one came up to the glass and tried to lick my finger!! I SO WANTED HER!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Blog too!! Andrea x

Lyn said...

Gosh very Easter-y at your house!
Hope you had a good one?
I believe we have been paired up for the Free style swop/swap. I will post my email address to you but I am not sure how this all works are you?
never done one before!
(everyday life)

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. What a lovely Easter parade, thank you!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lots of Easter loveliness
twiggy x

Anonymous said...