Friday, 8 May 2009

Thrifting spree!

I've been very busy this last week as we are converting an adjoined outhouse into a proper utility room with downstairs toilet. I say we but the OH is doing it, it helps that he is a builder/plasterer by trade and has had this week of to make a start. I in the meantime have to make it look like I don't go on the computer much during the day! We have also been lent a piece of land in which to grow veg and eventually keep chickens on so we need to crack on with it or my veggies will not have time to grow. (I've started a blog about it today linked in my side bar.) Hence this is a quick post slightly picture heavy!!
I haven't posted any photos of thrifted items for a long time so thought I'd upload some today. The trouble was there were so many that I had to make a few mosaics of them in my defence this thrifting took place over 2 months ..... not too bad really!

Nearly forgot this one it needs ironing but it's a set of 3 matching tablemats, there are also many many books but are scattered everywhere now.

I have looked for everywhere for a bucket in this shade of blue and found it last week at the first large car boot of the season, it certainly made me smile.

So that's the thrift out the way, until tomorrow when I'm going to a jumble/ tabletop sale hopefully I will find some more woolies to felt.
I've only completed one piece of crafting this week, although I have done a lot of crochet. This was part of a present for a friends birthday - filled with lavender.

And finally how cute is this glass, well plastic glass, only £1 in Asda.

Have a great weekend we'll be thrifting, painting, digging, shopping and in a spare moment I have to give my dad's house a quick clean as he's been on holiday in Australia for 8 weeks and gets back Wednesday.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Good God woman stay away from the thrifting. Well alright I will let you off if its 2 months worth LOL! Ooh I dont know where to start its a veritable feast for the eyes!!! Everything looks gorgeous! I like your plastic cup, I got a plastic Elmer (the patchwork elephant) bowl on my last charity shop spree (I didnt dare show it on my blog as I dont have children and people may think Im deranged) but I love it.........I know, Im a saddo. Hee Hee X

Homemakers Tales said...

Hi nice to see another Cornish blogger go take a peek at mine x

Elaine said...

Such a lot of lovely goodies to see, well done on the bargains.

Love and blessings

Sal said...

I love all your thrifting bits and pieces...just what I would choose to take home with me!

Anonymous said...

I love your thrifted items! And the lavender filled heart you made is so lovely! We have lavender growing in our garden, I think I will copy off you and make a lavender shaped heart! Thank you for the inspiration.xxxx

Gingerbread said...

What a lovely collection of bargains, they are great finds. I do like the lavender heart. If you have chance as you look very busy at the moment, I am having a giveaway you are very welcome to enter. best wishes Julie.C

Mary Poppins said...

Yummy :)


bekimarie said...

Lovely thrifty finds and your heart is lovely!
For some reason this post hasn't showed up on my blog, I saw it on Mary Poppins.
Have a great weekend.
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

what lovely things, I always miss out on lovely things here, although we dont have too many lil caverns to find thrifty items have been so busy, im off to look at your other blog piece.

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you've had a good weekend, what a lot of wonderful thrifting treasure, so many pretty things