Sunday, 23 May 2010

A month's crafting.

Haven't done a sewing post for a while so thought I'd do a little catch up. I recently bought a whole load of duck feather cushion inserts and came up with these appliqued cushions, the beach huts & the cottage sold straight away. I've since had orders for more of these 2, some camper van ones a wedding one and some to supply a new Bistro that is opening nearby. So the past couple of days I've sat outside and designed a dozen cushions all of them themed around a line of bunting.

Now the sun is out I've also been busy on the pegbag making front this one is made from a Laura Ashley fabric.
I made this cute bag for myself in my 20 minuters time. I thought it would be great for summer and I do have an awful lot of lace that I need to use up. It came from a tutorial that I can't find now, if I find it I'll add it.
This string of hearts were made for a mother of a bride to add to the wedding gift that she had bought.
I've also added these bits to my craft stall - hanging strawberries scented with strawberries & cream.
A mini lavender cushion made from some really sweet vintage fabric.
More lavender hearts.
Some elephants with
crochet flowers at the top of their tails.
Some yoyo brooches again trying to use up some lace.
And some lavender filled hanging fish.
I usually put photos of my makes in a facebook album but I've now spent over a month trying to add photos and it doesn't seem to work anymore getting very frustrated with it.
I'll end this post with some sad news, my sweet little Silkie hen Flossie has died. We don't know why she died it could've been the stress of being somewhere new she was only with us for 2 weeks and in that time she wasn't very lively & didn't lay, so she could've been egg bound or it may well have been old age. We do miss her lots though :(


Pixiedust said...

You have been busy. I love the beach hut cushion its truly beautiful. xxx Pixie xxx

melanie said...

Sorry to hear about Flossie, poor little dear, that is sad news.

I really love your applique cushions, and your mini lavender cushion, they are so pretty. :) xxx

Isobel said...

Wow, what wonderful makes!! I am in love with your cushions!

I am sorry to hear about Flossie. Sending you big hugs. xx

wilmi said...

Hi, I was sneeking around here on your blog, love the pictures of the crafting things you made, and I'm sorry to hear about your Flossie, she was lovely!
greetings from Holland

A Country Girl said...

Lovely cushions.
Sorry to hear about your little hen.

all kinds of everything said...

I'm impressed! All creations are beautiful. I love the cushions and the fish!!!
Hugs, Suzanne

cherry said...

love the cushions, and hearts, and...well everything! :)

Sorry about Flossie though:(

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoooo poor Flossie x

Your makes are lovely :0) I had a go at a bunting cushion, though very much a work in progress ;0) There does seem to be alot of bunting themed crafts around which is lovely as bunting is one of my favourites. I am not surprised you have been asked to make some of your pretty cushions, they are adorable.

Nice to see the same fabric I have, and you have used for your gorgeous strawberries, it has been sitting in my stash for a while, and I keep meaning to make something pretty with it :0)

Happy crafting :0)

Serenata said...

So sorry to hear about the lovely Flossie.

You have been a busy bee haven't you?! The cushions are really gorgeous.

Pink Flower said...

Love the beach hut cushions - adorable.

Florence and Mary said...

Sorry to hear about your Flossie, lots of hugs.

Great crafting... I love the one with the beach huts.

Victoria x

bellaboo said...

So sorry you have lost dear Flossie..very upsetting for you all.
No wonder your cushions are selling fast..they are GORGEOUS! I love the house,tree and bunting one especially.

Bellaboo :0)

Jessie said...

Sorry to hear about flossie, I was so excited for you when you first had her, it must be awful for you. I love to see all your sewing bits and bobs, I really must get my sewing machine out!xx

Elaine said...

Lovely goodies, great minds must think alike, I'm thinking of doing a few appliqued cushions too. Now I have more ideas ;O)
Love the animals too.

Love and blessings

Lace hearts said...

I'm so sorry about Flossie. That's sad.
Your cushions are beautiful. The fish made me giggle - guess what I made for my stall last week... fabric fish! I was so pleased with myself as I'd not seen them anywhere and was inspired to do them after seeing wooden ones in France on holiday a couple of years ago. But they are very different to your lovely fish.
Lovely makes. x

Caroline and Jayne said...

Love your Blog xxxx
You should show some of your craft over at our blog x

Lulu said...

i love, love the hearts so lovely..
Love all the projects..

Cally's Cottage said...

Fantastic makes!I especially love the cottage cushion...
Hope you have a happy week,
Cally x

CraftyHelen said...

I love your cushions. I made a beach hut one a while ago but without the bunting. Yours is much prettier I may try adding bunting to mine if I make another (if you don't mind)?xx

clare said...

What gorgeous makes..ive not got a fav..cause i love them

So sorry to hear the loss of your hen xx

TFS Clare x Weekend Crafter x

柏懿綺辰 said...


Lizzet said...

I love the cushions and the crochet blanket that is behind them is lovely! I have always wanted to make one just like that one :)