Thursday, 10 June 2010

Plodding along ...

and not getting anywhere very fast! As per usual there always seems to be so much to do & so little time if only we had a few more hours in the day :) I think when the sun comes out time just goes fast forward. I've been trying to get more cushions finished each one probably takes about 4 hours or more! Some friends and I have started a quilting group as well, meeting fortnightly & having a laugh. I've decided to hand sew a Grandmother's flower garden quilt, which is made completely of small hexagons, it may take some time!
Of course in the sunshine you also have to spend time at the beach.
Going for walks.
And waste a lot of time watching the hens having dust baths,

Maude is more dignified with hers.
And then hours & hours of gardening & watering.
Of course a fair bit of time has to be spent thrifting.

The recipe book is full of recipes which 2 friends have sent to each other & magazine newspaper cuttings including this from January 21st 1945.
I also helped a couple move into one of the most gorgeous houses I've ever been in and she gave me these curtains, originally from Liberty. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, there are 4 curtains probably 7ft in length & double lined so they weigh a ton!

Some more linen found at a car boot

along with this tray,
lovely & big bowl,
a shaving brush to put with my collection of mugs,
yet another cake stand & some plates.
And finally a laundry basket to be painted & covered ...... one day!

And today it's back to the sewing machine & the cushions. I've also got to do some walking as next week I'm doing a sponsored 11 mile moonlight walk for Marie Curie/ Macmillan cancer charities & haven't really done any practising yet :0


Cally's Cottage said...

Oh I LOVE the sewing project you have started- the mini bunting is so cute..And the two tablecloths are gorgeous- I am envious! The chickens made me laugh out loud...
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

bellaboo said...

I LOVE the linen and the tray!
Your sewing is gorgeous.

Bellaboo ;0)

Jessie said...

Your quilting group sounds fun! I love the photos of the hens in the bowl and that's such a sweet picture of the 'walk'. I'm renovating an old ottoman at the moment, similar in style to your laundry basket minus the fur lid!Good luck with the sponsored walk.xx

Lyn said...

I have just been catching up on your posts and am sorry to hear about flossie hen.
On a more cheerful note you have been very busy!

Country Style Living said...

Love your flower have done well with your finds, I love the tray. Good Luck with your walk, sounds great

melanie said...

Good luck with your sponsored walk, love your bootie finds. :) xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love all the things you have been up to - I know what you mean about not enough hours in the day - where do the days go?

Floss said...

The tablecloth with the detailed flowers and the 'fan' pattern in the corners is just wonderful! And everything else is pretty close behind... you may not be managing everything, but what you are doing looks wonderful.

maryannlucy said...

Fab finds and happy chooks x

twiggypeasticks said...

What lovely goodies. The walking photo is adorable.
Twiggy x

Felicity said...

i love the tray and cake stand so pretty! fliss xx

Domestic Bliss said...

From one Bliss to another - love your blog. The trays are darling! Lots of nice goodies! Lisa


Just found your blog and will be back! Its lovely - the photos are gorgeous and your creations are beautiful. I like that you don't do blog posts EVERY DAY like some ... I don't feel too bad now!