Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Crochet hexagons, ripples and an eiderdown.

I can't believe it is nearly 2 weeks since my last post - that sounds a bit like bloggers anon! Although I'm a lot better now I still feel ill and don't have the energy to do much including putting the computer on! But I did do some of my neglected ripple, while poorly, until something more important came along that is.

That something being a crochet hexagon blanket,

or at least the start of one, using Lucy at attic 24's excellent tutorial.

I'd recommend this tutorial to anyone it's so easy to follow.

I started about a week ago using 15 colours plus yellow for the centres and have done 60 so far, only another 200 or so to go!

I have also partaken in a little retail therapy firstly a duvet set from M and Co, very CK methinks but only £10! It is actually blue - rubbish photo - see further down pic with eiderdown.

And this fab Union Jack doormat from Matalan £4. I've wanted one for ages but the ones I found were £24 and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a doormat, anyway I'm so glad I waited.

Now in November I decided I wanted to try and felt some wool, after seeing lots of great tutorial for making things from it. Well I couldn't find any wool jumpers, until this weekend when I saw a jumble sale advertised, at last, and bought these few, which I will hopefully be able to felt, watch this space!

Something else I've wanted was an old eiderdown.

At the sale I looked down and just under the table I spied an eiderdown sticking out of a bin bag. I asked how much - 50p! That did make me feel better lol. It's feather filled, not smelly but I will need to clean it so will wait for the warmer weather for that. I also bought a bit of bric a brac but that'll have to wait till next time. Again a seriously bad photo the one above is a better colour.

And just because I've been playing with mosiac maker- a few of my pressies.

Oh and I've just been offered a 'maybe job' - managing a pre school adjoined to a primary school - 'maybe job' because it's just in the planning stages but they wanted to know if I'd be interested in running it. I said yes 0f course as I loved my job and really miss it.

I'll be back with my wonderful felted wool - hopefully!


dancingonabladeofgrass said...

What a lovely post. I'm sorry to hear that you're still feeling under the weather but, in spite of that, you've been very industrious.

What beautiful crochet work you have done ... you clever stick.

And the "maybe" job sounds promising.


bekimarie said...

WOW! 50p for an eiderdown, how lucky are you.
very pretty bedding,although not heard of M and Co before. As for that doormat, a definate trip to Matalan, I can't believe the price of it.
Take care
Beki xxx

Julie said...

I'm glad to see your maybe a bit better, you have lots of things going on make sure you don't do to much to soon. I love the crochet your doing the colours look wonderful, very uplifting. best wishes Julie.C

Andrea said...

I am from Cornwall too!!! LOVE the Eiderdown!!! Good job you have done with the Crocheting! I would like to do a ripple blanket too but need a bit more practice first I think!!

Sal said...

I love your crochet...tis all gorgeous.
I have just ordered some more Rowan yarn so that I can continue mine..I can't wait for it to arrive ;-)

Kitty said...

Oh what lovely crochet! I wish I could do that. The blanket is stunning.

Can't wait to see the felting.

Sorry to hear you are still feeling rubbish. I hate to tell you, but we had the fluey thing in November and I'm only just starting to feel like myself!


sharie said...

Beautiful crochet work.
I am so jealous of your union jack doormat as I went into my local matalan and they ahd none in. Very limited homeware and I came home disappointed.
Also have to admit jealousy of your jumble. There are none round here any more and there used to be so many lovely ones I went to with my mum and auntie when I was younger.

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely lot of hexagons! I've got that as my next project, but I'm going to finish my crochet blanket first! Which means lots more squares to crochet! It's fun to do crochet though. I love it. I think your eiderdown is a beauty. They sell for so much now - I've been looking, and simply cannot justify the prices. Envious of your duvet cover. Very envious. Very very envious. xxx

summerfete said...

I lovvvvve your crochet!!!!!!!
I might have another go.
You should start to feel better soon, it took me a good month!
Clare xx

fiftiesgirl said...

Lovely things and fantastic crochet work! I soooo wish i could crochet. Its on my list to do for 2009!! x

Indigo Blue said...

That certainly looks like some Cath Kidston fabric that I have got upstairs. £10, bargin of the year already. Your hexagon blanket looks fantasic. Is the tutorial easy to follow s my crochet is limited. Can't wait to see the outcome. I have a ripple pattern that I got for Christmas but I have yet to start it. Off the see tutorial.xx

funkymonkey said...

I love your crochet and the way you've blended the colours together.I'm off to Matalan for one of those doormats.

I hope you soon feel better.


Vintage Tea said...

What a wonderful duvet set and the doormat was such a great price.

Victoria x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Poor you stilling feeling under the weather. The crochet is beautiful, so pretty. Thanks so much for telling us about the Union Jack mat in Matalan, thats a brilliant price, I couldnt spend £24 on a door mat either not with the amount of muck that gets brought in to my house. X

LittleGem said...

Loving your colourful post and your crochet is amazing - I wish I knew how to do it! Well done on finding the doormat everyone is hunting for!
The CK bags are lovely - thank goodness for the shabbychic ladies! XX Gem

louise said...

The eiderdown is great, what a bargain you found. I remember similar on my bed as a kid, the old-fashioned ones are so warm and snug. Great to see you back and a Happy New Year to you too. x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hope you feel better, we need a bit of spring sunshine to perk us all up!!
The crocheted hexagons are lovely, the blanket is scrummy! I havent crocheted for a long time, but now want to start collecting wools , and have a go!
Love the bedding, and the quilt too. I wish I could find a beautiful old quilt like that!
Great blog, I only started mine a few days ago, so I'm a relative newcomer. Would be nice to get a visit.

Take care

Sharon x

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo you clever thing, your crochet work is beautiful and so pretty, I wish i could do something so amazing, cant even sew a decent heart shape :)

You have some right little beauties there, well done love the mat, i would go to my local matalan but probably shall have all gone :)

And the eiderdown, well done
and glad you liked Master Poppins' bed, he is actually sharing with his Big Sister, we have the two attic bedrooms built now, so am prettying up DDs and then doing DS, so his little bed is in a corner of her room that I have prettied up, gosh his cot is in there too :)


Josie-Mary said...

Hello, found you somehow!! Can't believe you found an eiderdown for 50p.... what a bargain!!! It looks like mine from habitat that was £160!! As I work there I didn't pay that much, I never use it 'cos it's dry clean only & my cats always sleep on my bed so it would cost loads to keep cleaning it!!
I'm loving your crochet... I've also done some hexagons from attic 24 but need to finish my granny square blanket. That's the problem with blogging...soooo many ideas & not enough time!! I'll be back soon if that's ok :)

The Vintage Kitten said...

Theres an award for you on my blog X

tcalamity said...

Wow how clever are you......Hope you feel better soon, and what bargins you picked up.


Lavender hearts said...

Fab, thanks for the tip about the union jack door mat. I've been admiring those for a while now but, as you say, they are expensive normally. I have requested one of those for my birthday next month so thank you for pointing that out! :-)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

50p for an eiderdown, that must be the BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY!
I love the colors!
And the bedding to!
And the doormat!
But specially your crochet blankets!
Debbie Moss

P.S - I`m sorry to hear that you weren`t/are feeling so well!
Lots of hugs and Get Well wishes, are been sent to your way!

P.P.S - Have you got them yet!?

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hope you are feeling much better, today!
I have an award for you!
Debbie Moss

Sal said...

Hi there...apologies,I just accidentally rejected your comment on my blog..if possible could you write it again...sorry!! ;-)

angel said...

Hello ickle one, sad that you have been poorly, i hope your feeling better now... hurry up and show us the felting, its been 9 days since you last posted.....!
Sorry i have been a bit moody lately and stayed of the blog scene [very retro *scene* 60ish] but am feeling miles better now so im back.... aint you lucky ... lol.
Love the eiderdown scrummy and the crochet is very quavery, s'nice and s'luverly well done you.

Oh i hope you get that job, its great to work where you love to be, iykwim?

Also M&co here, only sell clothes .. pft...... poo

Love and hugs Honey. MWAH X

Lisa said...

i wish the blue and rose duvet was still avaliable it's gorgeous