Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The best thing about de-junking is

re-junking, especially if the things that you de-junk belong to everyone else in the house!

A flawless dressing table mirror

Lots of pots!

I love this 50's pourer - 20p!

Some pillowcases and a crochet mat.

Apart from that I've made/revamped a few cushions and found a shop, very near me that sells Globatex fabric, which I love, for £3.25 a metre compared to the £6.99 I have been paying on Ebay.

A little present for Jodie's friend 16th birthday apparently she loved it and put the brooch on immediately.

Completed and sent my shabby chic cafe February hearts and love swap to VivW.

Covered some more MDF letters, only took me about 8 months to get around to it!

And I've been baking from this excellent little book it's a Be-Ro book only £1.25 ish. Found in the supermarket next to the flour, it must have about 150 recipes in it so very good value for money. I always make the choc chip cookies from here, it's the same recipe as Attic 24's but I always half the recipe again using the same amount of choc chips iyswim, they are not so sickly then.

I've also been busy making a little surprise present for someone, which hopefully will be in the post tommorrow or it will if I get off the computer now!


bekimarie said...

I've just read your blog with total envy, such lovely things.
I love the button heart, keep looking at them on ebay but I have been very good and restrained and I must get some of that winnie the pooh fabric.
I really like the idea of the mdf letters and your cushions look great, i'm itching to attempt a crotchet cushion but my project for this weekend is a union jack cushion.
How wonderful that a 16 year old appreciates a homemade gift.
Take care
Beki xxx

claire said...

I love the covered letters.
And your swap goodies for Viv are gorgeous too Xx
Also like the cushion with the crochet/lace front.....the one made out of globaltex 'tilly' fabric. Beautiful x

LittleGem said...

Lovely bits bliss, you find such fab stuff! Your cushions are lovely too! Wonder who your surprise gift is for ;) XX

Kitty said...

Blimey, you put me to shame! So much loveliness.

I too love Globatex fabrics - in fact I just bought some to recover the computer chair. Does the shop you use have a website?


pinetrees on the moor said...

Great finds,i was also lucky this week-end at our local car boot sale,it was my first visit this year,and i bagged my self a few bargains,which i will post later.~Kate~

Indigo Blue said...

You have been so busy!!! It is your table cloth I like. Looks good as a background for photos. You have some very lucky finds too. MKy best one is still the pale blue scarf that I used for my recycled bag tutorial!

Cathy said...

I love restocking after a clear out! Some lovely finds there. My sister's mother in law swears by the Be-Ro book and is the best baker I have ever met. The chocolate cake is incredible - you should try it!
Cathy X

thriftymrs said...

I love the dejunking to bring new things in. Haha! I am doing the same. I am currently having a massive clearout so that I can bring new things in without it looking too cluttered. So many lovely bits there.

vintage girl said...

Lovely blog, and a very talented lady you are too! Lisax

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous pretties, you have a wonderful eye for things, you really do and I love your letters, so beautiful, I have only really managed a little chain and with much guidance :) a little square and flower, so shall never be able to do a cushion, my how talented you are, I would have worn the brooch too :)


Gingerbread said...

What a difference in price for the material over £6.00 on ebay, to what you just bought. I love the winnie the pooh one, lovely. julie.C

Lace hearts said...

Bliss - they all look so wonderful. I want a cookie as well! ;-) I love your makes... I got some stunning Globaltex at Trago for about £3.50 a metre when I was down recently... I was very impressed, as I'd been buying on ebay as well, and their fabric is so nice.
Your heart garland is gorgeous. I made one crochet heart a long time ago... you've reminded me. I must try it again. x

Anonymous said...

My Mum had one of the original Be-Ro books which was used time and time again ... I got mine a few years ago ... bargain and delight to see that they still do it.

Beautiful things you've been making ... you clever stick!

sadie said...

oh what lovely photos to look at! Such a treat, and thank you for sharing them. I love all the flowery gorgeousness :O)

Must ask,the blue victorian dolls house, is it yours? I ask this as I have the very same one. Initially bought for me as I never had a dolls house when I was little (cue the violins!) but before I could make a start on it, I found out I was expecting and of course now my little girl has got it! When she's older and bored with it, I will reclaim it and decorate it in the way I had planned, but for now I'm happy for her to have it. I named it Kensington House (it's the sort of thing that I do!).

I must dash, but I am so glad I stopped by today :O)

Sadie (Cotton Rose)

Vintage Tea said...

Can i have some choc chip cookies??? Pleasssssssssssssse!!!

I think my fave thing on that post (apart from the cookies of course!) is the pourer - so cute and love the colour.

Victoria xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a great post!! I would love some of those MDF letters, they are fantastic!! I havent been very crafty lately, but seeing your lovely cushions and everything are tempting me!!
Wish i knew where you could get the Globaltex fabric from. They do a lovely range, and at that price it's a giveaway!!

Have a lovely weekend : )

Sharon xx

Lace hearts said...

thanks for your lovely comment today.
I did chat with her, but didn't tell her where I was from, so I think it must have been someone else... but I did buy a little stash of fabric and ribbons to be going on with! x

Anonymous said...

ome lovely items there hun. wish I had a collection like that. Well after my house move I am going to!!!! anyway take care hun

Curlew Country said...

Oh beautifuyl things - I'm in huge admiration, especially over the
50s pourer! They just don't make things like that any more. Fab style.

Vintage Kitten said...

Theres so many pretty things in this post I dont know where to start.... Gorgeous! X

Hollypop's said...

Hi, we've been picked as swap partners on Faerie Nuff's Easter swap.
Love the button heart and your cushions are very pretty too.
Looking forward to the swap.
Take care.

Ragged Roses said...

So many lovely things! I love the MDF letters and all the floral fabrics and that dressing table mirror is gorgeous too. Just to let you know that you have won my giveaway. Please email me with your address etc when you've got a minute. Have a good week