Monday, 23 February 2009

The postman knocked twice!

I've had a very busy week, dejunking, cushion making, crocheting, gardening but I'm here at last! I had a surprise parcel on Tuesday my shabby chic cafe 'Cath Kidstonesque swap' from Bloomin Myrtle. On opening the parcel I found the above pic peeking out at me.

A beautifully made drawstring bag and inside this a bundle of pink tissue paper packages tied up with sheer pink polka dot ribbon.

And inside there was a soap in a ceramic soapdish, pink nail clippers, scrunchie, emery boards and two shower gels with roses inside.

Thankyou Elaine for the lovely swap.


The next day the postman came again with another parcel this time it was a giveaway that I had won from Janie at hedgecombers blogspot another Cornish blog. There was a cute egg shelf that fits in well with my kitchen, two sweet handmade hen egg cosies and two beautiful Cornishware egg cups my first pieces of Cornishware even though I'm Cornish!

If you haven't been to Janie's blog you must go and have a look. I can recommend her flapjacks they really are the best, I made them last week. thankyou for the great giveaway Janie.


I've also been given some awards first this one from the lovely Angel at shabby angel blog. I was given this a few weeks ago but I forgot, sorry Angel and thankyou.

Then the lemonade award from the lovely Julie at Gingerbread blog go take a visit she is truly the pincushion queen.

And finally these two from the lovely Beki Marie at the ramblings of an everyday mummy
another lovely blog to visit. Thankyou Beki Marie.

Now I must go and do some catching up and baking.


funkymonkey said...

Isn't it exciting to receive such wonderful items. I'm always amazed at the generosity of fellow bloggers.


claire said...

Lovely things yvonne :)
The egg stand does look perfect in your kitchen x

Pixiedust said...

What a fab swap parcel, sooooo pretty! xxx

Janie said...

Wow, you must have been a good girl to deserve so many yummy things!!!

Glad you love the egg related gifts and glad that they got to stay in cornwall ;o)


bekimarie said...

Ooooh two parcels and such lovely ones too!
There's something so exciting about receiving parcels in the post isn't there?
Well done on the awards, well deserved!
Have a good week.
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

That egg shelf is so lovely, I think it looks perfect and the egg cups too! Love your CK-esque swaps too, especially the gorgeous bag.

Mel xxx

bekimarie said...

I've just read your comment on 25 things about me. It's so nice to meet people who are similar to you. Sometimes I think I have more in common with my bloggy pals than I do my real life friends.
Would love to see how silly we looked dancing round the kitchen lol!
I've wanted to visit Eden for a while and i'm thinking about going in the summer, will probably get a coach because I can't see Rich wanting to go. It will be a very long journey so do you think it will be worth taking Jess, she'll be 11.
Beki xxx

Josie-Mary said...

wow you're very popular, 2 parcels in one day....lucky girl :)

Vintage Tea said...

Popular lady... giveaways, swap packages and awards! It's so much more enjoyable when the postman brings parcels and not bills!

Victoria xx

Elaine said...

Thanks for putting the photos on, and congratulations on winning the give-away, it really is a lovely egg shelf, and the hen cosies are so sweet. Love cornish ware, always have, always will.

Love and blessings

angel said...

You lucky lucky lady, and well loved too.:-)
Your swap is wonderful, isnt Bloomin, bloomin wonderful.:-)

And Janie is so lovely, [though i'm sure she cheated co's all those lovely things were meant for ME..;_)] But i am gunna let you keep them because i wub you.:-)

Love and hugs honey, another great post.

*~Niki~* said...

Your goodies look lovely! Niki xxx

Vintage Kitten said...

You have received such pretty things. The pink parcels looked so pretty before I even saw what was inside. I cant believe you are cornish and dont have any cornishware. I love it but it is so expensive and Im so clumsy so no good stuff for me Im afraid X
Congrats on the awards