Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pre and post snow goings on!

Before it snowed I did a bit of gardening, tidied up the water feature and hung out the washing.

If only!

We popped over to Eden to renew our 'locals' passes and took the opportnity to warm up in the rainforest biome, it's usually far too hot/busy to go in there but on that day it was very welcoming as it was blinking freezing outside.

I also did some baking I'd seen some recipes in a magazine one for butternut squash, raisin and orange muffins and the other for a flourless chocolate cake and then I had to make some carrot cake as that's my favourite. As you can see the muffins looked as flat as biscuits so I tried them again a few days later with better results (they loved them) I think I forgot the baking powder the first time! i'm not too sure about the cake, it was okay but quiet expensive - ground almonds, apricots, dark choclate, soured cream, 6 eggs! But it all got eaten so it couldn't of been that bad.

I've actually attempted a couple of bags, I used a Tilda pattern and Globatex fabric. I could've done with them being a bit bigger - I guess it serves you right if you make the pattern smaller because you think it'll be too big! One is for my crochet and yes I'm still doing those hexagons! The other was to hang in the hall for gloves etc but it might be quite nice for a Summer bag.

On Saturday there wasn't any snow here, blue skies and sunshine. So we set off to a book sale got literally 10 mins up the road and entered a winter wonderland, it was like a totally different world, the snow was sticking on the road but we had to carry on for another 10 minutes as there was no where to turn around. We very nearly got stuck as we have a Mercedes estate which is an automatic and it doesn't do snow! I was not happy missing the booksale but we went to a town in the other direction where I found this bath salts jar for £1.50 so that cheered me up somewhat!

I must show you our popcorn valentine hearts - for the birds. I was searching for a Valentine make for toddler group and came across these. It seemed like a good idea so on Sunday I stood and made a few batches of popcorn then on Monday I tried to thread some onto wire but this just wasn't happening. So I then spent Monday evening making holes, with a knitting needle in 2 bowls of popcorn! Luckily I was watching 'The Breakfast Club' at the same time so it wasn't all bad! I hope the birds appreciate my efforts, the toddlers did well though and it was great for their fine motor skills!

I was also tagged by Clare to show my fourth photo from my fourth folder and luckily this is it. It's a Tilda rabbit I made last Spring from 'Crafting Springtime Gifts' bit of a strange colour but it was the only bunnyish colour that I had.

I've amazingly finished my February swap for vivw at the shabbychiccafe - 2 weeks early but I'm not boasting lol, pictures next time.


Liz said...

Those popcorn Valentines are adorable!

Kitty said...

Wow - so much on which to comment! Firstly, sorry about your snow. We've had LOADS of it, I'm so pleased it's melting now. Very pretty but totally impractical. Love your bags, hexagons and hearts, and cute Tilda rabbit. I must look through my Tilda books again! x

Flossie and Tom said...

Love the bath salts jar - its beautiful and those popcorn hearts are a great idea


bekimarie said...

Your bags look great and i'm hoping my crochet will be as good as yours some day.
Fab idea on the popcorn hearts.
Take care
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Grrr, I just typed a comment and lost it! Your birds will be lucky :) Love the bag and jar.

Mel xxx

Gingerbread said...

I love the hearts its a lovely idea, and I like the rabbit its so cute. best wishes Julie.C

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi.I have just came across your blog through homemakertales.Love all your goodies,i love shabby chic,but i do love prim country.I do have a few patchwork quilts that are shabby chic i will post later.You can have some of our snow its snowed since last Wednesday and i have just taken my dogs out 9.30p.m and its snowing again,your daughter would just love up here in the North East of Scotland.Take Care ~Kate~

Anonymous said...

Loving those pophearts!

I bought some popping corn this week funnily enough so may have to borrow your idea ;o)

sharie said...

Well done with the bags, they are so pretty! And a very nice thrifted find too, glad you scooped it up.

thriftymrs said...

I am in love with your pretties.

summerfete said...

Lucky you, so near to Eden to have passes!
I'd love to be in there now!


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh...I love the bath salt jar...sooooo lovely and boy have you been talented

Cathy said...

What a fab post. Can you believe we have family near Eden and we have never yet made it there? Isn't that terrible? It is on my list of must-does. I made the girls Tilda rabbits last year, but made the mistake of giving them birds that cheep as well. Needless to say the rabbits barely got a look in!
Lovely idea with the popcorn - another one to add to the list of must-does!
Cathy XX

Vintage Tea said...

Ok so now I'm hungry seeing all the goodies you've been baking!

I LOVE the Martha mag, it's always filled with great ideas although you can look around her website for a lot of the info.

Victoria xx

angel said...

You all amaze me with your posts, i have to keep going back over it to register everything...*smile*

Anywho, i love the cake, could you pass a slice this way.... ummm fanks........ Delish...... and the Popcorn thingys, and the salt jar.... and and and......:-)

Loving it all Blissy, oh and your Pictures are beautiful...


Anonymous said...

Hey Blissy, best you come visit my blog girly...

Gingerbread said...

Hi I hope you have had a great weekend. I have included you in an award the lemonade award, if you want to pop by. best wishes julie.C

Ragged Roses said...

What fab popcorn, such a great idea! Love your bags, they're so pretty. Glad you got to enjoy some snow too

Elaine said...

I thought I had already comment here, sorry *blush*

Love your little cutie, she is so sweet, bless.

Could you post a quick tute on SC for the hexigons please???
Pretty please with bells and ribbons???
Just the amount of stitches, type of yarn, size of hook etc.

Thank you *mawh*

Love and blessings

The Vintage Rose said...

Yumm! Save some cake for afternoon tea - I'd like to pop over and see all those lovely things!

bekimarie said...

I have an award for you over at my blog.
Beki xxx

Indigo Blue said...

I love those hexagon crochet!! Must have a go at those. Where was the tutorial? I put it as a favourite on my old (Broken) laptop.

Jennie said...

Wow you have been so productive such amazing things. I love your springtime bunny so cute!!