Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Yay it snowed in Cornwall

Yesterday we waited patiently whilst everyone spoke of the snow that they had had. Then there were a few flurries in the afternoon which started to stick about 4 'o' clock.

A snow dance with Tara may help.

Gradually falling faster.

By 6 'o' clock it was getting quite thick, so we walked to work with Jodie.

Then this morning we woke to a winter wonderland.

We walked and played around the village.

Met a big snowman on the way.

Made a tiny snow creature/man.

And walked our dog down to the woods.

They say that we will have a significant snowfall on the moors tonight, I do hope so.


bekimarie said...

What a lovely snow creature, looks like your gorgeous little girl had lots of fun.
I don't want to wish Jacks life away but I did think today that it was a shame he's not quite walking yet, he would of had so much fun or snow much fun he he.
Take care
Beki xxx

angel said...

Beautiful Bliss, absolutely BEAUTIFULL...... i love the Creature snowfingy, its the best snowfingy i'v seen, well done all involved.

Great pictures honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x

Kar said...

Beautiful snow! And the snow creature is too adorable! Have fun! :)

LittleGem said...

Lovely photos Bliss, glad you got some snow :) XXX

Shabby Chick said...

Oh I like the snow creature! Those are lovely pictures, your snow dance must have worked :)

Mel xxx

Elaine said...

Gorgeous Photos, love the snowthing too. it all looks so pretty and great fun.

love and blessings

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely photos.. glad we got some snow at last. Raining this morning :(

funkymonkey said...

I've never heard of snow dancing before...it obviously works. Great photos.


Gingerbread said...

Aw she looks so cute and having lots of fun thank you for sharing the pictures, we have not had the snow like you have I live in crewe, cheshire. What little we did have has gone now just a icy wind now. Keep warm and safe. Julie.C

summerfete said...

Wasnt it great!!
glad everyone got there fair share!
Now, if only it were christmas again!

bekimarie said...

Hi Bliss

Tearles and Fearless is soft play at our local aports centre. Lots of soft climbing blocks, slides and wooden frames even a bouncy castle (which Jack refuses to go on). We sing songs and have free play where they het out the bikes and pushchairs etc. Much like a toddler group really.
When Jess was little it was called Tumbletots or Kindergym which I think is much better names.
Have a good day
Beki xxx

. said...

So beautiful, your daughter.


Kitty said...

Fabulous pictures! Just when I think we won't get any more snow ... we do! x

MelMel said...

Looks like you had fun in the snow...the snow bunny looks cute!x

claire said...

Very jealous of your snow :)
And your daughter is ADORABLE xxxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Lovely photos and isnt your little girl a cutie? I like the snow creature, very stylish in a pink scarf LOL! I would have liked to have 'seen' your snow dance (cant you put it on You Tube) X

Country Cottage Chic said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the snow creature!!

Anonymous said...

how pretty it looks with snow and Lily...look like you all had fun. we had snow, but nasty to drive in lol.. hope it clears up by the 15th for my Half marathon.xxxx t

Andrea said...

Yeah!! I spoke with my Auntie last evening who lives in Perranwell and she said that you had quite a bit down there!! Great pics!! Andrea x

fiftiesgirl said...

Love the snow creature, looks like you had fun x

Vintage Tea said...

Lot's of fun in the snow!

Thank you for your comment on my post, now I know you have 900+ cookbooks and still collect recipes I know I can keep going for a while!!!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the snow creature!!!

Beautiful photos too


Lisa said...

Beautiful photos of the snow and the yellow raincoat your little one has is gorgeous, as is she.

sharie said...

Brilliant snow pictures. Love the one of the flakes whirling down.

twiggypeasticks said...

Beautiful pics, so glad you had some snowy fun!!
Twiggy x

Lulu said...

what a precious little girl you have..
wow, all that snow, makes for a beautiful picture, but oh so cold..

Indigo Blue said...

It has been fun hasn't it? Your daughter has a lovely little coat by the way. We built what we think passed as a snowman, had lots of fun and Sophie treid to slide down the drive in an old washing up bowl.

Lace hearts said...

What lovely pictures - and fab snowmen/snow people!
thanks so much for leaving a comnent on dd's post - she was so thrilled by it all. xxx

summerfete said...

thanks for that Yvonne!
Any crafty things going on?

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your little girl, she sure is CUTE!
Sorry, its been so long since I came to visit you... my 3 little Treasures do sure keep me busy!
Debbie Moss

Lanetta said...

thank you for allowing "lurkers" to enjoy the lovely pictures of your day. It is wonderful to see parts of the world while sitting here on my sofa.