Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Around and about - my patch

After playing the flickr game on Monday I have become quite addicted to looking at other peoples photography, lots of them are amazing. It's great putting places you know into the search and all these photos appear!

Even when you live in a tiny village like I do there are still nearly a hundred photos within the actual village plus thousands of them of the surrounding areas. I suppose many of them are holiday photos. And holidaymakers do flock to Cornwall in their thousands, nearly all year round now, obviously because it is beautiful, peaceful (sometimes) and a slower calmer pace of life. After all Cornwall is not the cheapest place to come on holiday and we can't always guarantee the hot weather!!

Sometimes when you live in an area for a long time you forget how lucky you are to live there, seeing stunning photos taken by someone else makes you stop and think and be grateful for what you have right on your doorstep.

I've made a little mosaic of 'my village' - the pub, the village green, the church, the moors, river, and our nearest beach, which is only 20 mins away.

The other pictures are of Eden of course as you can't write about Cornwall without adding Eden - stunning - my little one loves it there we have a years permit and it's only 25 mins away!

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