Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sunny Sunday Carboot

I popped to the carboot on Sunday just to get some runner bean plants as, for the first time ever, mine decided not to grow! Well it was very sunny, very busy and too, too much temptation! I got my bean plants and then got slightly carried away, stayed for 2 hours and came away with this little lot ............

6 sundae glasses, a green glass bowl, a small glass candlestick (should have been two but I left one on the table), a few linen mats, gravy boat and saucer, 6 cute knives and a pretty Royal Doulton cup.

and more ......

a wicker bottle basket, which I've wanted for ages, two box framed roses pictures, 6 pillowcases and a duvet set for the fabric.

a few more .........

a dark green enamel teapot, German floral sugar bowl and coffee pot (she couldn't find a lid to this, which was a pity as there's not a mark on it, only 50p though so I thought I could put flowers in it. A lovely flower patterned segmented japanese plate, a teacup, saucer & tea plate set, another embroidered tablecloth, a rose patterned plate and some books for £5 ; Harmony toy book, Treasury of country crafts, Soft furnishings, Victorian crafts revived, Best ever crafts, Clever crafts to decorate your home, Laura Ashley book of home decorating.

and finally another shelf to paint, well it was only £2 and it will go in the bathroom.

Oops I had said I wasn't going to buy anything apart from the plants!


sharie said...

WOW!!!!! Lots of lovely bargains. I like everything, from the rose patterned dish, to the books to the shelves (well I would love shelves LOL).
I bet you were well chuffed with that haul.
You know I love bootys, retail therapy on a budget!

claire said...

Fab finds x Love the wicker bottle basket, i've been looking for one like that - they're great :)