Thursday, 12 June 2008

Lily's first cupcakes

Well the kitchen arrived yesterday lunchtime. I never realised there would be quite so many boxes - they're in the lounge, the kitchen, the stairs and the porch. The wall units are going up first before we empty and demolish our present base units, at least this will hopefully be less stressful.

While I still have a bit of kitchen I made some fairy cakes this morning for Lily to decorate. This was quite hectic as I had to quickly put the icing on them as she was eating the decorations and sprinkling 100's and 1000's everywhere and shouting 'I did it mummy'. At first she started sniffing the jelly diamonds then putting them on the cakes and then turning around and popping one in her mouth. They soon learn to be sneaking lol. She was so pleased with herself and rightly so as she isn't 2 yet! (birthday Sunday) I'm going to be making these with the children at the toddler group next week so at least Lily has had a practice now!

I don't know what is happening to the weather here, we had a week of really hot summer sunshine and now it's gone really cold and is more like winter. So while I was in baking mode I made some bread rolls and homemade butternut squash & veg soup for lunch, that warmed us up a bit probably still have to light the fire though.

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Sandie said...

Hope Lily had a great birthday. She must have been SO proud of those delicious looking cupcakes.