Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Love bunting

Don't you just love bunting.

I'm sitting waiting for my kitchen to be delivered, sometime between 8am and 1pm apparently, so I thought I'd finish my first attempt at bunting and I love it. I've done yellow shades for the caravan and pink for Lily's room.

I'll have to do blue for my room next and then I think the kitchen is going to have to have some in nice pastel colours and then of course there is outside on the pergola (haven't got a pergola yet but that's a minor problem, which can soon be fixed!) My 14 yr old D wants some for her bedroom but she has to share with her 18 yr old sister who says 'Don't even think about hanging that stuff in my room!' I don't know why she hasn't got any taste, she just doesn't appreciate the finer things in life! Everytime I buy anything thrifted she just gives me a look of disdain lol.

I must admit she is getting better in some ways, she used to have to wear all the surfy labels (living in Cornwall!) but now realises that you don't have to follow the crowd and will even shop in Primark lol. My 14 yr old is completely different she likes to look different and the more mismatched the outfit the better, she also likes car boot sales!

Anyway I'm waffling and the darn kitchen still isn't here.

Now where is all my blue fabric!!


Lace Threads said...

That bunting looks so pretty - got to get organised and make some for Angel. Hope it's easy!

claire said...

your bunting looks so professional - i only do the 1 sided stuff!! Any chance of a tutorial?? x

Country Bliss said...

It is easy but I did buy the bias binding and the points are rounded rather than pointy iykwim.