Friday, 27 June 2008

Vintage haberdashery and buttons

I haven't posted all week as I've been busy sewing for the caravan (whilst listening to the excellent 'Viva la Vida') and catching up on my crochet. My fourteen year old has also been hogging the computer in the evenings as she had her mock exams this week. I've sewn cushions, two patchwork lap quilts, some fragranced satchets and hearts and a caravan shaped doorstop. I've nearly completed all the granny squares for my blanket and have finished a crocheted elephant amigurumi for my 18 year old! I will try and take some photos tomorrow.

Whilst sifting through my sewing boxes, for lace and buttons, I came across some vintage needlework packaging and old wooden reels of cottons. These all belonged to my mum before I acquired them and I would never use them but it is a shame to keep them shut away as they are so much nicer than modern ones. Perhaps I need a little nic-nac shelf to display small items, I must add it to my list!
And while I'm on the subject - I love buttons when I was a child I always played with my mum's tin of buttons, which I now have and when I look throught them it brings back many memories as many of them are off clothes that I wore, or my mum wore as well as spare buttons from packets that were bought when my mum crocheted or knitted clothing for my daughters when they were babies. Whenever any item of clotjhing was worn out or outgrown the buttons were removed and the fabric used as rags or sometimes if it was a hand knitted/ crocheted garment it was unravelled and the wool reused and this was along time before reduce/ reuse/recycle became the norm! It all stemmed from the era into which my mum was born she grew up in the war and you learnt to 'mend and make do'. We were never poor it was just something that was ingrained in my parents generation and you stayed frugal whatever your circumstance. Anyway I digress here are 2 of my tins of buttons I have more which I use for making miniatures more about that another day.
I hope your ears aren't being blasted by my new toy at the bottom of the page as I've also spent alot of time choosing songs for my playlist. It's quite a random mix of tunes I like from the 80's to the present day including a few from the great, new Coldplay album.

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