Monday, 30 June 2008

Caravan bits and amigurumi

I can finally add my pictures from Fridays post. My computer has had a gremlin all weekend as it kept refusing to turn on just sending out a high pitched beep and then when it did work it suddenly closed down. It seems to be OK at the moment so I'm bombarding it with anti virus scans in the hope that it will sort it out.

Anyway here's the photos I'm trying to rid the caravan of brown and dusky pink so am decorating in shades of yellow and florals to make it nice and cheerful hopefully!
I've made the cushions, two patchwork lap quilts, a caravan shaped doorstop, which I've put liberal amounts of dewberry fragrance oil in and some fragranced pouches and hearts.

I've recovered the curtains with the yellow flower patterned fabric, I wanted to keep the original curtains for warmth so I've just recovered them using a yellow tiny flower patterned fabric and a few in plain cream just to soften the effect a bit. It probably would have been a lot easier to make them from scratch but it's done now. I also picked these mugs up for 50p each.

And finally here is the amigurumi elephant that I started months ago for my 18 year old, I ran out of wool so it was put to one side, then I started my granny blanket, so it lay abandoned in the bottom of my wool basket and everyday my daughter asked 'have you finished my elephant yet?'

Well last week I thought I ought to do it and an hour later he was finished, she was delighted and
has started nagging me for more!


sharie said...

I remember a neighbour of ours doing up a caravan when I lived on Anglesey. She painted it a lovely cream inside, did fancy tiling in the kitchen and bathroom bit and changed the colour scheme.

You've got to take lots of pics for us to see your make over. Good luck

Elaine said...

It's all going to look really lovely, and you've got some gorgeous bits to put in there.

Love the Elephant, does he have a name now?

Love and blessings

Country Bliss said...

He's apparently called George which is quite surprising for my daughter as she usually comes up with really bizarre names for things!