Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Few Finds..

I managed to pick up a few things at the car boot on Sunday.

DD3 Jodie found the green enamel coffee pot, which I was delighted with and it was only a pound. (I'm training her well! but it costs me as she then says 'can I have this - I did find the enamel pot for you!')

I also got a pair of curtains for a pound, which I will cut up, probably to make cushions for the caravan as I'm decorating the caravan in yellow, cream & florals of course.

The little rose rimmed jug was 20p to add to my jug collection.

Then I saw the rose fabric over a car, I looked at it and found that it was actually a huge fully lined door curtain from a furnishings shop in Penzance it looks very good quality so I got a bargain -£4. I originally wanted it for the fabric but I can't bring myself to cut it up so will hang it at the front door instead and take down the boring brown one that is there at the moment.

I also got a bubble machine for Lily for 50p this is definately a godsend as I no longer have to stand in the garden blowing bubbles, the trouble is she stands so close that they all land in her hair which feels lovely after!!


claire said...

Great finds - I love the door curtain its very pretty...isn't this nosing at each others bargains fab!!!Xx

Country Bliss said...

Yeh, it's like looking in peoples shopping trolleys at the checkout. Not that I would do that!!

Elaine said...

Really lovely fabric, the van will look lush.

Love & blessings

tedandagnes said...

I love those enamel pots I've got a couple but that one is an especially nice shade of green...good haul. Rx

sharie said...

I love the pattern of the right hand curtains. Drool!