Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thrifting again!

I've had a busy few days buying up the charity shops and car boot. I've bought a lovely cupboard to paint probably in Laura Ashley paper white. A glass cake stand as you can never have enough cake stands thats what I tell my OH anyway and I was really pleased to find not one but two glass jelly moulds, the large one was only £1 and the smaller one was 75p, I have been looking for these at the right price for ages. I also bought a Laura Ashley top and a huge new oxford pillowcase to use the fabric, two more flower pictures and some other bits and bobs. Oh and a caravan but more on that later! I'm going to start making the curtains for it now as it's a bit brown for my liking.

1 comment:

angel said...

You Bought a Caravan! I would have given you mine.
I love reading through your blog, you always get great bargains. :-)X