Friday, 30 May 2008

Baking on a rainy day

Ginger cupcakes

It's raining again so I've been baking as there's not much else to do. I thought I'd use my faithful hand mixer for the last time as on Monday ( my birthday) I will have a new shiny red Kenwood mixer, some people may think it strange to have a kitchen appliance for their birthday but it was the only thing I wanted and as I bake quite a few times a week it will save me a lot of time and enable me to paint a few more bits of furniture lol. So my hand held mixer will be going to live with DD1 Jemma so she can do her own baking rather than pinching all mine!!

Choc cupcakes, banana and date loaf and a bit of comfort food - home made scotch eggs to keep DD2 Tara happy!


angel said...

Yummy to both the cake and the Red mixer, I see nothing wrong with asking for appliences for your Birthday, its the only way I can get what I want for the house. :-)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday. (((Bliss)))

sharie said...

MMMMMMmm! Can I come round for tea and cake?
Happy Birthday!!

Country Bliss said...

Thankyou both.