Friday, 23 May 2008


1/12th scale dress & hat
When I was about 6 or 7 my mum taught me to crochet. I used to make lots of granny square blankets, cushions, tablemats and Barbie clothes. I crocheted a cushion using a variety of stitches as part of my needlework exam.
I didn't do any after that until I was pregnant and crocheted baby clothes.
Again I stopped crocheting until I started making things for my dollshouses, this was totally different as you have to use very small hooks and fine cotton but it gave me something to do when I was last pregnant and resting!

I've started crocheting again in the last couple of months as I came across a new (to me) type of crochet, amigurumi - roughly translated from Japanese as 'knitted stuffed toys', I bought a book Amigurumi world which is great and I got addicted straight away. Here's a few of the ones I've done.

I've stopped the amigurumi invasion for the moment as I'm revisiting my childhood and making a multicoloured granny square blanket so far I have 86 squares only 34 to go!


angel said...

Oh, I would love to crochet, many have tried to show me but alas its never to be :-(

You are so lucky, lucky, lucky.

Oh no I feel a graine coming on!

claire said...

I have never even been shown how to crochet, I could be an expert!!
(I want a granny blanket am asking my mother in law to do squares for me!)
The animals look sweet too :)
I've tagged you - hope this is ok - not sure what the etiquette is! Rules on my blog!
Claire x

clouds said...

Is it like knitting?
Kind of?

I'm trying to elarn how to knit with my mother we've started a work shop on saturdays. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Oh i love those granny blankets :)
We have some nice big ones in our living room some great aunt made and they've lasted years and years and yearrrs :)


Country Bliss said...

I personally think that crochet is a lot easier than knitting. I find it quicker and when its something easy like granny squares I don't need to look at what I'm doing.