Monday, 19 May 2008


One thing I do have more time for, since leaving work, is baking albeit with a child on my hip lol. I love cooking and I collect cookery books and have 913 at the present time. The trouble is most of them are packed away as we are re-doing the kitchen/dining area. The new kitchen doesn't arrive until the middle of June but OH has removed artex, plastered and re-painted the ceiling and is now ripping up the floor and laying ceramic tiles. (luckily it is his trade) Hence many of my books are out of the way and you can guarantee that the recipe I want is always in the books that are packed, even though I made sure that I kept out the books that I use the most.
So this afternoon I have made a cake from a recipe that I found on the web - lemon meringue cake, which at the moment looks lush but it isn't finished yet if it tastes ok I'll post the recipe later.

Just a few of my cookery books I love the titles of the old ones the best ; To Love and to Nourish a cookery book for brides; Dear Housewives; Darling you Shouldn't Have Gone to so Much Trouble. Obviously cooking was womens work!

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