Monday, 26 May 2008

Inspirational flowers

After being inspired by Posy's flower picture wall from
I went on a picture hunt at a car boot sale and then some charity shops on Saturday and bought these; the vase of roses was 50p from a car boot, aned from a charity shop I bought two pictures of anemones, which were 50p & £2 but I'll change the frames and lastly a Spring interlude was £3, I really like the frame on this.


sharie said...

How pretty, bet you wall looks fabulous when it is done. Looking forward to seeing the photos

Trish said...

they look lovely hun, well done on finding them xxx

Elaine said...

They are really lovely, I especially like the shadowing on the middle two, almost looks 3D,

Love & blessings

Rose&Bird said...

Love the piccies, going to look for some of own!

Have done my tag questions, as well.

angel said...

What a find, I cant wait for the pic's. :-)

I'm a good tagger. yahoo, so good I did it twice. :-)