Saturday, 17 May 2008

Flying the nest

My eldest daughter is in the midst of leaving home, Hurrah, (only joking Jemma). For the moment she's moving in with her bf'and his parents until they find a place to rent in July/August. They are going on holiday first then saving their pennies for the deposit. It's very expensive to rent houses in Cornwall and very hard for young people to manage to find somewhere to live as many places are now used as holiday homes. Anyway this means that we should have a bit more room in the house and my youngest Lily May can have her own room and hopefully room for all her toys! We only have a 3 bed terrace house so there isn't even room to swing a cat, luckily we don't have a cat and if we did I wouldn't swing it. (she hastens to add.) We do have a menagerie of animals though :

Dog- Tess; Lovebird - Oberon; Hamster -Dangergface; Red Bellied Newt - Stumpy; Tropical fish; Cold water fish; 4 Giant African land snails; and finally a red 3 foot corn snake - Snakie that Jemma has kindly(not) let us foster until she has a home for it!

Well thats enough rambling for today bye.

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