Friday, 29 August 2008

Happy Birthday Jemma and a wonderful swap!

It's my eldest daughter's birthday today. She doesn't like having her photo taken, so I sneaked some from her networking site, just to embarass her. That's what mums are for isn't it?

First a bit of info about her, Jemma is very clever, she qualified as an accountant 2 years ago at the age of 20 and is about to embark on a course to become chartered, which she will do at the same time as working full time!

She also now has her own apartment that she shares with her boyfriend, so is learning how to cook after having me wait on her for 21 years! She's being very good though and cooking most things from scratch. Today she has a day off and has been to the hairdresser this morning, she enjoys having her hair done and has modelled for her hairdresser at hair shows in Weston Super Mare hence the amazing hair-do in the photo! Enjoy your day Jemma and don't eat too much cake or drink too much tonight lol.

I made these cards yesterday and was hunting high and low for my quilling paper, so I thought I ought to tidy my scrapbook and card making stash. Far too much stuff so I'm putting these pictures on here to remind myself that I definately do not need anymore. The trouble is this is only some of the craft stuff I have, this doesn't include beads, buttons, fabric, papers etc....

The need to buy these things has to stop as I still haven't found my quilling paper!

I was so excited this morning to receive my Shabby chic cafe August swap from Angel the theme was 'green' interpreted as you wanted.

Well everything was so lovely and I was totally spoiled there was a gorgeous floral tablecloth, a picnic rug, a box of perfumed white roses and a soapstone set.

Also a beautiful enamel Home sweet home sign and a wonderful country flowers photo album and an organza ribbon bag that folds out into sachets. Oh and also a packet of sweets which Lily very quickly found and declared it her present, the poor mite was feeling sorry for herself earlier as it wasn't her birthday lol. Thankyou so much Angel, you definately live up to your name!

I feel so lucky as I also won a giveaway from Angel which was this really sweet strawberry tray and cup.


Lace Threads said...

Lovely pics of your daughter. And that Angel has spoilt you with the green theme.

MelMel said...

thanks for popping in....lovely comment too!
It is a sweet room...i enjoy working from there!

your blog is great...i've added you to my list of faves!!
Have a good weekend!!xxx

MelMel said...

i did try to add you think i got your link wrong....mmmmmm......

I'll try again tomorrow...must dash to eat!!x

angel said...

Your very welcome Honey, i didnt iron the tablecloth as it was a last minute thrift that i thought you may like, if you had to wait for it to be ironed you would not have got it in january 2010, lol.

*Happy Birthday Jemma*.

I know what you mean about not buying anymore stuff for crafting, if you could see my craftroom atm you would ......Run for your life........ its got so much stuff in it, that i cant even get in the room!!!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Your daughter is beautiful, hope she's had a great birthday.

I feel much better having seen all your craft stash, I have mountains of the stuff too. I always feel a little bit more justified when I see I'm not the only one LOL

Lovely swap goodies too.

Love and blessings

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hello, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I can see we have a similiar amount of craft supplies....Too many!! Hee Hee! I will definately pop back again to your lovely blog, bye for now Mandy

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Oh your daugther sure is B.E.A.UT.I.F.U.L!
Can you give her an Happy Birthday wish from me?!
By the way I love the goodies that you got from your swap... Angel is a very GENEROUS Chick!
I hope that You and your loved ones, are having a lovely weekend!!!
Debbie Moss

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous daughter and lucky you getting a swap from Angel.

I've just awarded her a special Newt Spotting Award! Check out her blog!

Ragged Roses said...

Happy birthday to Jemma, hope she had a wonderful day

LOUISE said...

I would love to start crafting but fear I would need all this extra space for materials, space which I haven't got. You have definitely a lovely stash going on there! You must be so pround of Jemma, and indeed a very clever girl. Happy Birthday! x