Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Some more pics and thrift.

A few more pics this time of Paignton and Torquay just to prove it was sunny for a change lol.

Paignton beach and pier.

A serious looking Lily with a giraffe in the background.

The only giraffe left at the zoo now after a fire in the enclosure in February 2006 when a one week old baby giraffe and it's mother died.

Watching the elephant.

A very inquisitive or greedy goat!


A human statue in Torquay. This was a first for me!

Fountain in Torquay.

Torquay beach

And some more goodies found in Paignton: glass candlesticks, jelly mould.

Some Pyrex - 6 rose bowls and my first piece of black snowflake.

A floral tray, white rose patterned bowl, floral wee willie winkie candleholder.

Being a Judy Garland fan I couldn't resist buying Lily these 'Dorothy' shoes, even though she didn't need any new ones. Not the best photo, they are very sparkly but it's quite hard to get a 2 year old to keep her feet still especially when she has 'dancing' shoes on lol!

Follow the yellow brick road ................

Today I've done a little baking, chewy double chocolate cookies, what can I say .......



angel said...

Great finds Honey, again.

I didnt know there was a fire that killed those poor animals. :-(

Icklie's shoes are adorable. :-)

Those statues are a bit weired, friten the jeebee's outa me.

Now how can i get a cookie!

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely weather, I have only been to Brixham once and it was a very windy day which was ideal as we were flying kites. My daughter and I love baking, hopefully it is chocolate brownie cupcakes! Not tried it before but we think it sounds worth the risk.

claire said...

Lovely pics :)
Great thrifting finds...all that glass has given me the urge to hunt for more!!
And very very sad about the giraffes :(

Elaine said...

Love you pics, the glassware is great, but the best is those cute ickle feet, Bless.

Love and blessings

Lace Threads said...

I love Paignton Zoo, but didn't know about the fire either. Sad.
The pics are great, but you must have photoshopped in the sun - I thought England hadn't had any sun!
What a fab holiday you had.
And yes...I was making a fabric bucket! I must post a pic of the finished bucket. They are fun to do.

LOUISE said...

So glad you had some sunshine on your holiday. Looks like Lily loves the animals, the baby elephant looking too cute for words, so sad to hear about the giraffe loss though. I am always in awe of human statues, we have seen quite a few on our travels, especially in Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Like me you always find some goodies to bring home, you have done well, I can see the sparkles on the shoes. How long did those chocolate cookies last I wonder? x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Oh... poor giraffes!
Glad to see you and your family having such a lovely time!
And your new treasures are divine!
Specially the vintage glassware!
Kisses & Hugs
Debbie moss