Sunday, 10 August 2008

One happy bunny!

I am a very happy bunny, for a long time I have wanted a printers drawer tray. We have searched everywhere to no avail and finally, a couple of weeks ago, I made do with a wooden cassette rack. We removed some of the partitions and gave it a couple of coats of paint and it's okay, a bit too deep but hey I could still fill it with bits and bobs!

Then OH comes home Saturday morning to tell me he had possibly found me a printers tray!
A lady I knew died a few months ago and her daughters were holding a bric a brac sale at their house, before selling it. He happened to mention to them about a printers tray and they said I think we've got some old ones in the outhouse that their dad had acquired many, many years ago. Well we went up to the house and they had not one but three trays, gave them to me and would only take a few pounds for the lot! They may not look much at the moment but they will be fab when they're finished, well that's the plan anyway.

I also bought a few other bits from the sale: a wicker basket, 4 embroidered napkins, a small floral Coalport dish, a green glass bowl, an hexagonal wooden box with lidded compartments, a lovely illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford book and a really sweet bathroom sign.

Here are the rest of the things I bought from from last weeks church sale.
A cut glass vase, a heart shaped glass candle holder and a rose patterned cake slice that matches a cake stand I bought a few weeks ago!

And 4 more glass candlesticks.

Well I better hop off and start cleaning my trays now lol!


sharie said...

Oh so many goodies to look at on this post. Candlesticks are lovely, as is the cake slicer and as for those little nik naks displayed I think it is wonderful. You could look at them for ages and still find something new next time you look.

LOUISE said...

Some great finds. I would love a printer's tray too, I have so many small knick-knacks which are taking up much needed space on my bookcase. I have the Mabel Lucie Attwell verse in a picture frame in our bathroom, although it still doesn't remind my OH to pick up his wet towel! x

Elaine said...

I love all your bits xx
The candlesticks are lovely, and I love the bunny too.

Love and blessings