Thursday, 7 August 2008

Vintage books and beautiful bias binding!

I went to a local booksale on Saturday, it's held every month in a church hall. All the books are 30p each and there are thousands, so book addict heaven! I did get slightly carried away as I haven't been for 2 months! Here's a few that I picked up:
Some Enid Blyton to add to my collection
3 Purnell from 1971

and 3 Dean & Son 1963, 1970 and 1971

3 Beatrix Potter and 3 Ladybird

2 from 1964 that I've never heard of but I liked the pictures on the cover.

The Swiss Family Robinson, The Second Jungle Book, Little Men.

3 in cases: Emma 1953, What Katy did at School 1955 and Black Beauty, which I have yet to find the year of printing. And a really sweet Picture, Prayer and Hymn book.

With great illustrations, not very good photos though!

I also bought a few cookery, craft, fiction and modern childrens books and they had a bric a brac table but I'll have to post about that next time!

Yesterday was spent de- junking my 2 teenage daughters' bedroom. I have moaned and moaned about it for weeks but nothing was happening so I decided to help them, very stressful!! So had to finish with a bit of this ........

Bit of a rush job so it split but it tasted good and I must have used up quite a few calories doing all that cleaning, well deserved me thinks!

Now Lace Threads told us all, at the Shabby Chic cafe, about a haberdashery site So I had a peak and saw the best bias binding ever, then I got very frustrated because the site kept crashing and I really wanted the floral binding, well luckily in the end I managed to order and it came this morning.

Isn't it lovely, now I just need a book 101 ways to use bias binding! Of course the other bits are great as well but I do love the binding!


claire said...

Oh my - my heart skipped a beat when I saw your books - such a blast from the past!!! Mr Pink Whistle was my fave!!
My floral binding came today too :)
How fab is it - what you gonna do with yours??!! :) (cos I have NO idea!!!lol)

Lace Threads said...

Isn't that bias just so lovely - it's the nicest I've seen, and I'm gonna use it to edge some bags first of all.
I love your book selection - I have several of the Enid Blyton's. The jackets really are so lovely.

This Vintage Life... said...

Thanks for poping over.
Those hardback EB's really took me back..they're my era (unfortunately!)I rushed to get another for my collection whenever I was given a book token...happy days!
(Love that roulade btw!)

This Vintage Life... said...

That word is POPPING...that's the second time I've done that today...typing too fast!

sharie said...

Lovely book finds, Vintage childrens books have such lovely pictures and take you back to an era of innocence...
I wish you hadn't posted pictures of your divine looking cake! I will have to make some chocolate chip cookies now as you've made me hungry.

LOUISE said...

Mr Pinkwhistle, one of my favourites from my childhood. I always enjoy these Enid Blyton posts. Those books are great prices, so many for so little money. Another favourite of mine is chocolate roulade. Love Cornwall also, I can see I am going to like your blog. x

Sal said...

Wonderful book bargains!! ;-)

Country Cottage Chic said...

You have some super books there - lucky you! And please can I have a slice of that yummy looking cake???

Penny said...

lol Wow! I love all the books you picked up especially the hymnal book! Treasures for sure! I agree, I your pink floral binding is very cute!

Penny said...

p.s. I just added you to my google reader, I have to keep up with your 101 ways to use bias binding! lol