Wednesday, 3 September 2008

People's generosity

At the shabby chic cafe we have been awaiting the arrival of the new batch of Cath Kidston bags for Tesco's. Although some people saw them in their shops others haven't had the luck! So the lovely people that were able to bought and posted the bags to the other forum members. I had looked in my local Tescos, 8 miles away, to no avail but the lovely Pipkin, aka Raspberry Grace, managed to get me one and one for 4 or 5 others and posted them first class and trusted that she would be reimbursed, I think this is so generous in this day and age thankyou Pipkin, I love it!

I was also quite lucky yesterday to come across a bag of patchwork fabric in the charity shop for £1.50. I don't know about you but everytime I see fabric in charity shops it's usually mega expensive so this was a first for me. Inside there was alot of fabric some pieces were about a 1/4yd, there were also a few Cranston panels as well as lots of 3 inch square florals.

After 3 months my kitchen is now beginning to resemble a kitchen again with one wall of units finished apart from the black nickel socket faceplates, which we are going to get tomorrow.

This morning I finally unpacked my new kenwood mixer. It has sat in it's box teasing me for the past 4 months but it sure was worth the wait isn't it gorgeous!!

As I said the kitchen isn't quite finished yet lol!!


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is looking lovely - so clean and fresh looking - but I do wonder how you managed to keep that mixer under wraps for 4 months!

Well done.

claire said...

I agree about the generosity - its warming in this day and age :)
I've got mixer envy now!!! Looking good :)

sharie said...

Well done getting ck tesco bag, I've had no luck yet.
Love the new mixer- great retro chunky appearance - I WANT ONE!

Elaine said...

Your kitchen's looking good, love the mixer.Well done with the fabric, what a great bargain. Isn't our Rasp lovely ???

Love and blessings

angel said...

Rasp, sent me a bag too, she is a darling, isnt she, all the ladies on SC are so special.

I love all your fabric i want it all........... yummy.

Love your mixer, dont know how you kept it in the box for so long!!!!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Your camper-van swap partner has been chosen!
See my blog for details

summerfete said...

Hi swap mate. This is my first swap so I'm a little scared!

I actually read your blog yesterday, so thats strange. I think we have quite similar tastes and ideas, though you are 100 times more productive than me.

I have the same kitchen scales, haved camped at Polzeath and know what a vintage tin of buttons smell like! So thats me.
ps. my swap will have CK fabrics!