Saturday, 6 September 2008

Thrifting in Totnes

I think a little bit of sunshine is called for on this very wet, cold and dreary night. It is blowing a gale and tipping it down with rain here. So I'm sat huddled up with the computer, in my PJ's and drinking green tea. Oh I certainly know how to live it up on Saturday nights lol!

Anyway I remembered that I hadn't blogged about our visit to Totnes. We went there a couple of weeks ago, on a Friday as I had been told that was the best day to go!

Well what a beautiful place and look at that blue sky! We walked along the river path and watched people going out on their boats, I must admit I was walking fairly fast as I was on a mission to find the famous Friday market. The sign said it was at the top of the high street, this high street is definately high, it's uphill all the way, with lots of lovely shops, which I was going to look in on the way down, after hitting the charity shops

Didn't quite work out that way as I got a bit carried away in the market and the charity shops so all three of us and the pushchair couldn't carry anymore, the only thing that was light at that stage was my purse! My fifteen year old who loved the market and the charity shops spent so much that even she said 'lets go home I'm charideed out' lol! So we got some lunch and took it over to the riverbank and sat and ate lunch while Lily shouted 'go away seagull this is my lunch'
I'm so pleased we went there as it such a lovely place and has a very peaceful atmosphere and such a fantastic market.
Just a few of the bits I bought:

I really like this tiny picture on wood.
A couple of plates.

Some florals.

I love this yellow bowl, I don't know why but I'm always buying bowls large and small, usually floral!

My absolute favourite piece a wall plate it should go nicely with all the flower pictures I have for the lounge wall.

This was just a few of the things I also had the 'Tara' teaset from a previous post, some Pyrex, lots of books and a big tub of Duplo. I cannot believe I have never been here before as I only live about an hour and a half away. Never mind Plymouth and Exeter christmas shopping I shall be going to Totnes and Torquay this year as well, Ssh OH doesn't know yet.

So we then went off to enjoy the rest of the day and some more sunshine at Goodrington sands and found, to Lily's joy, a rockpool full of crabs and hermit crabs!

And look at those gorgeous beach huts must add one of those to my wish list!!


Lace Threads said...

I love your haul, and I'm fond of Totnes. I have a friend there, but haven't been for a long long time. We waw a seal in the water at Totnes last time we were there, which was lovely. I must go soon and catch up! Is the Friday market really good? Any fabric there? Perhaps you'd better say no, or I'll be there like a shot!!! Caroline xx

funkymonkey said...

Hi there, no I don't think there is a toy musuem at Trevarno any longer. I've had a lovely nose through your blog. I'll be back again - we like the same sort of things such as buttons and printers trays. Totnes is one place I'd like to go shopping. Perhaps I'd better book a holiday in the area next year. Tracey.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Great haul! But best of all is seeing some blue skies - where have they gone?

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I love all of your new vintage treasures!
Specially the yellow bowl!
It was nice to see the sunny pictures also... Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your lovely comment that you left on my blog!
Debbie Moss

I hope that you are having a lovely Sunday!

Penny said...

Oh my goodness! The china you picked up is amazing!! I wish I could find pieces like that here in the states.... Thank-you for sharing the photos of your trip, it looks lovely there!

sharie said...

Great pictures to look at on a grey and dismal day.
You got some beautiful things but I especially love the little picture painted on the wood and the bowls.
Hoping (desperately) the weather clears soon.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

What a nice day out, love your daughter's comment! I've never been to Totnes, I'd like to explore more of Devon as it's a beautiful county. We always pass through on the way to my Mum's in Cornwall but never get to see much other than the A30. Maybe next time we should meander down and have some stop-offs on the way

Indigo Blue said...

I like Totnes, it is not far from me really. Lovely photos, must have had one of the only few good days this summer.
Pop over giveaway posted.

The Vintage Kitten said...

What gorgeous photos. I love the plate with the rose and the yellow bowl too. Mandy X

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

I love the yellow bowl - I am also crazy for pottery and bowls - my daughter in law and I have a Dish Room in the basement and can't pass a swap meet or antique shop. I am guessing that your charities shops where you are, are similar to our consignment shops or Goodwill Stores - which recycle castoffs mostly into my Dish Room!

I enjoyed your blog so much!

Tilly said...

Love your seaside pictures. Was very impressed that you got your little one to eat the sandwich she made. I could do with some good 'vibes' on that front as Nipper is in the middle of full blown toddler hunger strike!

angel said...

I was in Totnes in Feb [i think] what a lovely place, well i was actually in Hope Cove but went to Totnes, iykwim.
Anyhow, i love Bowls i have a few myself.

Can i have my Jelly Beans now Please, [But only the nice ones please]. *Smile*

Sherry said...

Your little girl is so cute!! I love the "Snug as a Bug" picture of her!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining the party!! I have you added to the list.

Have a wonderful day!

fairychildheirlooms said...

Hi! It's nice meeting you through Sherry's party! I have 4 daughters also.

Suzie Button said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by and check out your blog since I see that you're a new participant in Sherry's blog party! I love seeing how beautiful it is where you live! Suzie

Hen said...

I've been enjoying reading back through your blog. We discovered Totnes within the last few months and we really love the place too. It has lots to offer, doesn't it? Apparently, they have a market at xmas but I think it is a weekday evening which may put it out of our reach, sadly.
Best wishes
Hen x

Jennie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!!
What a lovely place that is and I love all your finds! I'm going to read more of your blog now!!

Petticoat Lane said...

Thanks for your comment...I love to discover new blogs and couldn't wait to read down when I read..Thrifting in Totnes. I LOVE Totnes and is an area that we're considering moving to in the next few years if things go to plan..what great finds.
What a great blog...full of the seaside, boats, harbours, fabric, buttons favourite things! I shall definitely return.
Jane. x

Sal said...

Totnes is one of my regular haunts!!
Did you meet Amanda (Shabby Chick), who has a lovely stall in the market ?