Friday, 26 September 2008

Anyone fancy a musical?

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! as they say.

At this time of year I love to sit down, with some sewing or crochet, and watch a musical. As there's nothing better for lifting the spirits than Judy belting out a song! Well it works for me! Obviously it helps if you are watching alone or with immediate family or very close friends that way it isn't too embarrassing when you just have to join in with the singing!

As Judy Garland is my favourite actress, my favourite musical has to be 'Meet me in St. Louis' and how great would it be to live in 5135 Kensington Avenue. I'm hoping to make a version of this house in 1/12 th scale one day when I have the time!

Now what else do I like there's

My Fair Lady, I saw this a couple of years ago at Plymouth Pavilions and it was a superb performance. West Side Story full of great songs as is Fiddler on the Roof and all ones which my mum bought me up on.

And then the more modern ones like Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Fame and Grease, well I say more modern but I heard on the TV this morning that the UK release of Grease was 30 years ago, can you believe that! I was very young when it was released but it doesn't seem like 30 years!

Rocky Horror picture show I haven't seen this one live but Jodie and her drama class did a condensed version of about 20 mins, when she was in Yr7, it was very funny.

A musical that you may not of seen or even heard of is 'Taboo' being a huge Boy George fan I had to buy this one and I love it, the soundtrack is just excellent but like I said I am a fan and a child of the 80's lol. It probably wouldn't be to everyones taste but if you loved the 80's you should give it a go. Boy George is playing at the hall for Cornwall next month and I would so love to go and see him but it would mean being out from 6pm till 12 am and will be too long to leave Lily, sob!

Anyway I digress my children have also been force fed musicals throughout their lives they used to love watching 'The Sound of Music' two and half hours of peace and quiet bliss! They also know all the words to Bugsy Malone and loved it when we saw it at Sterts open air theatre about 5 years ago. And then there's little orphan Annie, again such great songs, Jodie played Pepper in Luxulyan amateur dramatics production of this a couple of years ago an excellent performance even if I do say so myself. My mum would have been so delighted and proud of her.

And of course I mustn't forgot my second favourite Oliver it doesn't matter how often I watch this I never tire of it and can play all the songs on my clarinet not that the clarinet comes out of it's box very often it petrifies my dog lol!.

Now as I said Judy Garland is my favourite actress so who's my favourite actor here's a clue.

Jonny Depp, of course this has nothing to do with his looks purely his talent, honest! I bought Sweeny Todd last weekend but will watch it this weekend and see how good his singing is, not tonight though as Russell Brand is on mmmmmmmmmm.
So what's your favourite musical or do you loathe them all?


funkymonkey said...

I'm not a fan of musicals....but Johnny Depp is another matter. And Russell Brand is so cheeky he can just get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

Not a huge fan of many musicals but I love Cabaret, seen the film, saw the musical at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter more years ago than I can remember but it was brilliant. Am off to see it again at the Theatre Royal, Bath, next month.

Oh and I like "Singing in the Rain" too ... (not sure if that is classed as a musical?)

Daisie said...

Rocky Horror would have to be my all time fave but only seeing it live with a man in a basque will do! I had seen it before but it's sooo good live, Jonathan Morris was Frank when I last went. A long time ago, in my yoof, as they say!

But Dirty Dancing is great too, we used to watch it several times a weekend when having sleep overs when we were at school. I know all the words (backwards too) and most of the moves although they are a little clumsy (?). And Patrick's back....mmmmmmmm......I could recognise any ripple!

Going to stop now because I sound like some kind of pervert. I'm not really!


sharie said...

Fiddler on the Roof is a classic and one I really enjoy...
'If I was a rich man...' brilliant.

Hey you have been busy baking. Those cheese scones you made in your last post look yummy.

Alexis said...

I loooove musicals, and I'd have to say "Singing in the Rain" is my all-time favorite. I'd watch Gene Kelly all day long if I could!

claire said...

Dirty Dancing is my fave - I watched Sweeney Todd with my big boys (bad mother!)the other week - its excellent Johnny is faultless as always!!x

The Vintage Kitten said...

I never thought I was a fan, but I used to help out with a group of special needs amateur dramatic group of adults and children who performed musicals and really got into them and realised I knew lots of the songs. I like Jesus Christ Superstar and Tommy because I like rock music. Martin Guerre,Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable I saw in the theatre and they were amazing especially the time the phantom flew above our heads on a chandelier. Mr K doesnt like musicals so I find it amusing to burst into song and do my impression of Judy Garland (you might not appreciate that either) LOL!

Pipany said...

all musical fans here though it is mostly the old ones we like. Haven't seen Sweeny Todd yet xx

Vintage Tea said...

I love a good musical but have never seen Meet me in St Louis, i must add that to my wish list.

I used to "follow" the Rocky Horror show years ago, I can't tell you how many times I've seen it, such great fun live esp if you dress up as well.

Victoria x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...





summerfete said...

ooh ohh yes I love them! Any old film, black and white/ musical I'll watch it. My Fair Lady is probably my favourite along with Dirty Dancing. I used love watching Seven Brides for Seven brothers and Calamity Jane when I was a kid.

You dont have GiGi, 'thank heavens for little girls!' Sang in a french accent.

ps I didnt know Ghost was a musical?


Dale said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I am not a blog person, but you showed up in my Google Judy searches. Judy and Meet Me in St. Louis really caught my attention and then the photo of the beautiful field of flowers with so many lovely colors.

Like you Meet Me in St. Louis is my favorite musical [there are so many]and also my favorite movie. I envey the person who sent the blog that they had never seen it. I love the first time i say it..and it was in black and white. But, i have seen it over and over so there is no way i can experience that first time. Unless may be i have dementia and will forget everytime time i see it.

The house is wonderful. I occasionally see it show up in other MGM movies. I met Tom Drake a number of years ago before he died at film group at the library. Twice i saw Judy in the last concert in NYC i think, Judy at the Palace. I am so glad against better judgments [not much money, not really traveled to a big city from WI by myself], i went to see that concert. It was like a dream to see her right in front of me. The audience went crazy. The second time i saw her Liza was in the audience and came up on stage for a bit but wouldnt sing or dance. Every night [at least the week i was in NYC] a crowd waited outside the Palace Theatre for Judy to leave. I waited several times in vain when it got to be 1 ish in the morning. One night i finally stayed. I cant remember what time she left but it was really late. She walked to her limo. I ran around the limo and looked in the window. There she was sitting w/her face filling the window. I waved and stood there in shock at seeing her. She was very small. I knew that, but i after seeing her large on the screen it was really a contrast.

One more thing about Meet Me. A couple years ago i drove up to Grand Rapids, MN to the Judy festival and to see the museum and her childhood house. During that time i talked to Margaret O'Brien several times. On afternoon at a gathering she was selling studio photos of herelf from the 40's she had found. The money was being donated to the AIDS cause. Of course, i had to contribute. I guess i contributed enough that she let me have my photo taken w/her. I would attach it,but i am not sure how. She was wonderful-- friendly, generous w/her time, easily accessable, and very sincere.

So that is part of my Meet Me story. I hope i havent blogged to much since i am not sure i have done this before.

You are very talented women. Thanks, Dale

Indigo Blue said...

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Kiss me Kate. Must put them on my Chritsmas list this year.

carolyn said...

Oh my you do have quite a collection there. I love the old ones like SInging in the Rain, Seven Sisters etc, Calamity Jane...

Country Cottage Chic said...

There's nothing like a musical for lifting your spirits - my 18 year old daughter is a fan too. I would say my favourite was Grease but now I've seen Mamma Mia! that might just replace it in No 1 spot!

Petticoat Lane said...

I love musicals, and used to do alot of amateur dramatics when I was younger. I played in Bugsy Malone and was Ann in Half a Sixpence! I too love Meet me in St Louis. The old ones are the best for me.
I really love Les Miserables though and watched it on Christmas Day in New York when my Husband proposed, holds special memories.
Jane. xx

. said...

My favorite is The Sound of Music.


angel said...

Ya didnt know i could sing didya....Lol.

I do love a good musical and i love snuggling up with the Grands dotted around me singing along with good ol Fred and Ginger .... they dont make em like they used to do they. :-(
Anyhow another great post from you keep it up, we love to be nosey [as you well know] ;-)
Love and huggles Honey.Mwah
X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh I love, love, love musicals!!! There is nothing better than sitting down in front of a musical on TV with a box of chocs, an eiderdown and watching the rain drizzle down the windows!

Penny said...

Fiddler on the Roof or the Sound of Music definitely!!!