Friday, 19 September 2008

This week ....

My lovely new cake plate and server, which I bought in Bude.

We've been playing at the beach. We have sunshine again, at last, so we took Lily over to Daymer bay for a few hours at the weekend.

I forgot my camera so had to borrow a photo.

We've also been baking
cheese scones

Rock buns

Lily's gingerbread men

gingerbread butterflies and rabbits.

I've been promising Lily that we would make these for ages, after reading her the story of the gingerbread boy. It's very hard trying to use tubes of icing with a 2 year old!


I've also done some more sewing an elephant, aptly named Flower and also a dog called Spot, of course! Both patterns from an old Harmony toy booklet.


Some more things from Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle, I've had a delivery of some Tilda fabric so I had to try them out!

Birds and boot.


Baboushkas with iffy faces!

Cutting and sticking lol, I pasted scrapbook paper onto MDF letters, I haven't quite finished these as they need to be varnished and trimmed propely yet.

Painting I managed to get the plate rack for 75p in a little Aladdins cave that I found in Bude! So at last I will have somewhere to put all the large plates that I keep buying. This weekend we'll be painting the tongue and groove that you can see behind the shelves.

Oh and I harvested my potatoes, now this will impress you this is the total result of this years potato growing!

Lol! When Jamie Oliver put them in gro bags they didn't turn out like this! That is a very small bowl btw.
While we're on the subject my Jerusalem artichoke is doing well, it's about 8 foot now. I had planted 4, only one grew but hey this was an attempt to annoy my neighbour!

Look at that blue sky, taken yesterday!

Yesterday as we were baking my dog was making strange noises, I turned to see her with a mole hanging out of her mouth. I managed to get it off her and put it back outside but I think it had probably died of shock, bless.

This is not the actual mole.

I will leave you with the fact that it is 'talk like a pirate' day today! I have just been informed of this little gem by my 18 yr old font of knowledge and wisdom, in a pirate way of course. See what I have to live with lol.



Hi You, just love the elephant and dog - it might just inspire me to make some toys!
And dont you worry! now you have one Jurusalem Artichoke you will have loads next year and ever after! they spread like mad!
X Vicky x

Daisie said...

Don't worry about the potatoes, no one did very well this year, just been too wet!
The cake plate is beautiful!
I love the elephant, I need to start making some lovelies like that for christmas......

. said...

So many little things. And yammy too!

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, you have been busy! Love the cake stand, and all your sewing projects! Where did you get the mdf lettering? I saw the home lettering done with some ck tissue paper and wanted to have a go at decoupage but i wasn't sue where to get them!

Sian x

Lace hearts said...

I love the cake stand and cake knife - it's really beautiful.
Your potatoes made me laugh. We had a few more, but not a grand harvest! Still, they were very tasty.
Your sewing is making me green with envy. I ordered the xmas sewing book a couple of weeks back from Amazon and it hasn't turned up - I'll have to find out what's happened, as I'm feeling so inspired.

Elaine said...

Love the cake stand, don't let Pip se it though, I'm sure it matches some tea sets she has.

Love and blessings

ps. Great Elephant xx

angel said...

Oooh ar me hearties ........... pieces of eight.
I'm loving all your bits s'pecially your sewing stuff .......... ooh ar me hearties, [it hurts ya throat speaking like a a pirate, dunit].
Great post as usual Honey.
Mwah X x X x X x X

MaryPoppins said...

You have been busy, so many lovely things you have made, I love the little dolls, I too love the cake stand and knife, fabulous find X

LOUISE said...

Shiver me timbers. You have been busy! x

Jennie said...

ohh You made the babushka dolls using Tilda fabric. I am so jealous they look fantastic and their faces are lovely!
I love your dog and elephant as well. I have lots of old patterns and wonder if they could look good made up and now I shall have to try them out as yours look fabulous.
The cake plate is beautiful too.

summerfete said...

I tried the potato in a bag trick last year and got even less than you did, I dont rate that method!!


prettyshabby said...

hello!...I now have an urgent need to bake cheese scones..yuuuuummy! thats a mighty pretty cake plate you bought in Bude..just lovely. x

p.s.let me know if the spider/conker thing works wont you!!

funkymonkey said...

Love the cake plate and Spot the dog. I wish I was as talented.

Ragged Roses said...

Wow you have been busy!! Isn't this weather wonderful, glad to see you've been on the beach making the most of it! Love the elephant

second wind said...

You have had a productive week! Love the HOME letters, and all your sewing goodies. I tried potatoes for the first time this year.... a slighly larger haul than you but not by much. They tasted fab thoughso well worth it. Debx

Summer by the sea said...

What a busy post - I have just received the Tilda Christmas book and can't wait to try some things out - the baboushka dolls are first on my list! - I also love your cake plate and server - so pretty. Thanks for your
comment on my last post - I used a fabric glue to paste the fabric onto the lampshade which dried clear - I have had the lamp on a few times and wondered if the heat would affect it, but it still seems to be stuck fast! - Natalie x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Gosh, you have been busy with all your baking and sewing. I LOVE your plate and cake server. Tilly one of our cats is an expert mole catcher...and mice....and birds...and voles, shes a killing machine! Unfortunately she brings them in live to play with, whereas the other cats kill them before giving them to me as a present! Toodle Pip! Mandy XX

Penny said...

Love the platter and server! That yellow is delightful! You did a great job on all your sewing, I REALLY love those apples, they are PERFECT!

The Fairy Glade said...

Oh please tell me where you got those mdf letters from, my little one wants her name done in them? Haven't got round to ordering the Tilda fabric yet, payday still a bit far away at the moment. Did you order from any of the places she recommends in the back of the book? All these questions, thanks in advance. Dev X

Lace hearts said...

Satin stitch a lot less bother than hemming! lol!!!! Oh, that made me laugh. Problem is, you see, I don't know how to use my sewing machine properly, so machine satin stitch is way out of my range! LMHO! x

This Vintage Life... said...

Just reading this post left me feeling exhausted! I can see you with one hand on the mixing bowl and the other on the sewing machine LOL!
Deb x

Pipany said...

Hi there. I came across your blog via another and couldn't believe I had discovered another Cornish one! I live on the south coast now but grew up in Bude, so I am now feeling homesick and will have to go see my mum. Great to read of your 4 children - I have 5 plus 2 step-children, cats, duck and some hens! xx

Heart in the country said...

Wow - what a busy week, I've very impressed with a 2 year old as well! Love the Apples, birds and boot - i think I'm going to have to check out Sew Preety Christmas Homestyle.

Petticoat Lane said...

What a post full of lovely things! I LOVE Spot, how gorgous is he? Don't think I could have coped with the mole though!! I once avoided my kitchen for 3 days years ago when the cat bought a dead mouse in!!! I had to wait for someone to come and remove it as I lived on my own!!
What a great idea about the letters as well, they look great.
Jane. x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hiya Yvonne, I didnt know that about duck eggs. Im sure I did read somewhere that they arent so good if you are having a soft boiled egg as they are supposed to be cooked more thoroughly than a normal egg, but Ive ate them soft boiled and Im still here to tell the tale LOL! My cake came out quite well, Im not a good cake maker usually so it must have been the eggs. Now I need to find a cake plate and server like yours. Mandy X

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Who`s been a very busy bee!?
I love all your new creations!
Specially the babouska dolls! they very ~IN~ right now!
I also enjoy seeing your pets on the right hand side bar... wow!
It must be so much FUN in your NEST!lol
HUGS to you all... including to your cheecky pets!


LaundryBasketCase said...

Wow, what a productive week you have had! Ooh, I love cheese scones. I lve your Christmas crafts from Sew Pretty - they are adorable! Very cute potatoes too :)

carolyn said...

Flower and Spot are quite adorable.