Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sewing, baking and of course thrift.

The last of the Summer's sweet peas.

Firstly I must say hi to Summerfete, my swap partner for the camper van swap, which has to be finished for the 4th October ish and I haven't a clue yet what I'm going to make!

This past week I've been feeling quite gloomy and not sleeping properly, yesterday I was up at 4 a.m. just because I couldn't get to sleep. I think there's a few reasons for this, one being that it still feels quite strange not to go back to work, at school, in September. Even though I left two years ago this year I appear to be missing it more probably because I now help at a toddler group and 8 0f the children have left to go to School. On Tuesday I saw one of them, a really sweet little boy and was talking to him about school. He said he liked it and then I asked what he had done at school that morning, to which he replied that he had been crying because his mum wasn't there. That's when I wished I was still at work to be there for him and all the other little ones. Another reason I suppose has to be the awful summer we've had! Even though I like the different seasons and I really love snow, I do like to have some summer before the winter comes. In saying that the sun did peep out for a while on Sunday which was a welcome relief from the downpours of Friday and Saturday. This picture of Tara was taken on the moors, late on Sunday, just up the road from where we live.

It is also coming up to the 4th anniversary of my mum's death, which I hadn't remembered until I read Petticoat lane's blog yesterday, so perhaps subconciously I had been thinking of this. Anyway I decided a days sewing was called for as I spend half my life doing housework! Lily was quite happy to sit and play with playdough, next to me, so long as I rolled it out for her every now and again.

First I made my version of a flag cushion, I got the not another cushion look off my OH when he came home from work, but I'm loving it!

Then a very quick fleece backed quilt from Sew pretty Christmas homestyle. I haven't quite finished this one yet as it has buttons sewn at the corners of the squares, which is quite tedious to do but at least you can do it while watching tv.

Then this morning I was reminded that I was meant to be making some bunting for a present for one of Jodie's friends, in blue and red. So I've had to spend this morning sewing as well how annoying is that not! I've also started a spotty dog, a floral elephant and an owl but haven't finished them yet.

All the sewing definately helped as I finally managed to sleep last night.

I made a chocolate beetroot cake, which must have been nice as they've ate it all! I didn't tell the kids there was beetroot in it until they had had a piece as they wouldn't have tried it else lol! It's really easy to make:

You need 80z of SR flour, 1oz cocoa powder, 1 tsp Baking powder, 4oz caster sugar, 3oz melted dark chocolate, 3oz melted butter, 4oz raw grated beetroot, 2 beaten eggs.

Method: Sift flour, cocoa & baking powder, stir in sugar, beetroot, melted chocolate, butter and eggs. Turn into tin bake at 180'c for 50 - 60 mins. Then I added some melted milk and white chocolate on top when it was cool.

Now the thrifting:

Quite an unusual conserve pot.

2 rose candlesticks.

I assume this is for putting your boiled eggs in, I love it!

Not more glass candlesticks!

I really must buy some candlesticks!

A cheese dish.

One more pic for my flower picture wall this one is huge and dated 1957, only £2.

If only.....

Also, Sherry at if I could set my soul free is having a month long party at her blog to celebrate her blogiversary and her actual birthday. So pop on over, join in the fun and help her to celebrate. There's a button at the top of this page.
Hi, to anyone who has come over from Sherry's party!


Country Cottage Chic said...

That was a nice long did find some pretty things & you certainly have been hard at work - busy-ness does help to get you to sleep doesn't it?

The Vintage Kitten said...

Im sorry to hear you have been down in the dumps lately. Im not a good sleeper so Im glad I have the internet otherwise the quiet time would give me too long to think. Maybe you could try some lavender under your pillowcase, take a nice milky hot chocolate and a book to bed will help you to drift off (or a small measure of Baileys Irish Cream on the odd occasion may help too). I used to do volunteer work at a playgroup to take care of a little boy with special needs, but I got very fond of the other children who didnt understand I was only there for Steven, one in particular used to be at my side constantly holding my hand. When I left I really did miss some of them. One little boy was adorable and I saw him a few years later, I couldnt believe how grown up he looked, he was a beautiful child. You have some great 'finds' I love your glassware, especially the candlesticks

Vintage to Victorian said...

Thanks so much for the soap recipe. I'll certainly have a go!

Sorry to read you've had a funny few days/nights and the possible reasons for it.

Will pop by again soon. The chocolate and beetroot cake sounds interesting ... !!


Indigo Blue said...

Lovely post. You have been very busy and I am sorry to hear that you have not been sleeping well. I am a teacher and I have periods of time when my sleep in very erratic which makes the working day very hard. Sewing and reading does help. Your thrifting is good, you do make some lucky finds.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

So many pretty things to look in this post!
And your daugther Tara... also!LOL
Love your cushions, and all your new Treasures!
When I can`t go to sleep... normally its because something its in my mind... so I like to have a note pad and pen in my bedroom (sometimes under my pillow) so I can write it down!
It sure helps! As I feel de-stressed for doing it so!
Debbie Moss

Have a lovely weekend!

Ragged Roses said...

Wow you have been busy haven't you. I know what you mean about September it is a bittersweet time of year. Take care and thanks for the recipe, I like the sound of that. Hope you get some sleep soon

Daisie said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Tha cake looks wonderful, will definately be trying it out here!

Sherry said...

I'm sorry to here your glum, but I can understand it. I hope your life brightens up soon! Tara is so pretty and I love that pillow!!


Petticoat Lane said...

Gosh, I hope my blog didn't make you feel too sad. I'd hate to think it did. x
You've amazed me with all that sewing in such a short space of time. I LOVE the cushion, it's beautiful and I'm definitely going to try the cake although baking at the moment takes a lot of willpower being on a diet!!

Vintage Tea said...

Fantastic cushion!

Victoria x

Tilly said...

Is that a 'cut-glass' butter dish? How fabulous (I love butter dishes).
Lovely sewing - how did you manage so much in one day? I have a lavender room spray which is very soothing but sometimes you just can't sleep, no matter what. Hope you'll be feeling a bit perkier very soon.

summerfete said...

so busy now!

I was going to make a union jack cushion!

My husband says the 'difference between men and women is cushions!'


angel said...

20mg of temazapam and a handfull of diazapam and i'm out like a light for at least 6hrs, Lol.
Another great post Blister, you certainly can do a days work, i got dizzy seeing all the things you made and all the BARGAINS you got......... wow, can i come shopping with you?
You know those icklies will never forget your kindness to them, i still remember my infant school teacher, she was lovely to me and i will never forget her, as they wont forget you. :-)
I fancied a bit of cake till you said it had BEETROOT in it, yukkie yuk yuk........ i would have tried a bit, so as not to seem rude, but honestly where do you come up with these concoctions, its beyond me ... did you wake on day and say I know i shall make a cake using BEETROOT where did that thought process come from? i dunno it all seems a bit strange to me! lol

I have once again loved reading about your days, the ups and the downs.
Take care Bliss, Love and hugs Honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X

claire said...

Lovely cushion - I keep meaning to have a go. I can't wait to see what you are going to make for the camper swap...whatever it may be lol!!! I'm still not feeling up to swapping outside the forum - perhaps after a few more I may get a bit of confidence in my abilities and take the plunge!!

funkymonkey said...

Crikey you have been busy. The cushion you made is so very pretty, I also love the conserve pot you found...I've never seen one that is so unusual.

sharie said...

Wha a lovely cushion you have sewn! I really like the thrifted goodies too especially the boiled egg stand.
Very sweet.

Hope you are getting more sleep now.
best wishes

LOUISE said...

Here hoping some sunshine soon comes your way. x

Lace hearts said...

What lovely things to look at. And I think the cushion is so gorgeous. I need to learn how to make one, because I am craving one, having seen pictures everywhere.
I do hope you are sleeping better now. x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Thankyou so much for your support and lovely comment left on Debbies blog. Everyone has been so kind. I appreciate the time you took to pop over to my friends blog to leave a message. Hopefully the person concerned will get bored. Thanks again, Mandy X
Hope you are sleeping better!