Friday, 17 October 2008

So angry but also have some Amigurumi love.

I am so annoyed and angry. Last night my eldest daughter Jemma was driving home from work, in St Austell, when a car carreered across Innis downs roundabout and smashed into the drivers side of her car, luckily she was okay. I know accidents happen but the idiot driver jumped out of his car and did a runner, leaving his passengers to face the music so to speak. Thankfully there were two lovely ladies in the car behind Jemma that stopped and looked after her. And also a May Gurney driver who phoned the police, ambulance and fire brigade, the latter because smoke was coming from Jemma's car but it was only the vapours from her airbags. Mr B. quickly drove down to her as soon as we had the phone call. As you can imagine she was in a bit of a state. The police helicopter and dogs were out looking for the man at that time and of course his passengers played dumb, they didn't know who he was!! We have since found out that he comes from a certain part of society that can basically do as they please. Jemma has had her car, her dream car, for 7 months luckily it was fully comp as it looks as if it will be a write off. And now she will have to get a bus to work, which will take an hour to do a 20 minute journey. She went to work today but they bought her home again as she has a bit of shock, I think, and has now gone to hospital because her right arm is slightly swollen and aching. But luckily, very luckily she is not seriously injured because that's all that matters at the end of the day. When will this government see that sometimes bad people need a kick up the backside and stop all this namby pamby crap? Perhaps then we will get kids to have a bit of respect for others instead of this self centered life that many live! In yesterdays paper I read that Ofsted wants to reward naughty children who start to attend school, as per normal what about the good kids. I'm afraid I think Labour is the worst thing that has happened to this country and to the education sysem but I better not get into politics, I'm just ranting!! Enough said hopefully that rant makes sense and hopefully they will catch the beggar!! Now I've got that off my chest I may be able to sleep tonight.


Now onto other things Jodie is doing her Duke of Edingburgh award at the weekend this involves walking 24km and camping overnight. I have baked her some fruit cake, flapjack and chocolate mess to keep hunger pangs at bay.

She will be taking landmark photos on her way and wanted something to take with her to photograph. First she wanted Flower,

I don't think so, then she dared to suggest Lamby

- no way!
So I sat and crocheted a hedgehog amigurumi. It's ages since I've done any ami's and I think they are so cute. It looks like I have to do another tonight as Lily wants the icecream one, which is also in Anna Paulo's book.

Have fun Jodie.


As I sat and crocheted I watched Bobski the builder on Ch4. Did anyone see it? I felt so gutted for the Polish guy, I know people say about the Polish builders undercutting British builders - Mr B. is a builder himself. But does that give people the right to talk to the poor man likes he's a bit of dirt? If I was part of the young couple that employed him I would be too ashamed to walk out of my house today, shocking!!


Now I mustn't leave Tara out, seeing as I've mentioned the rest of the bunch. I could of posted a picture of her doing the ironing that she was going to do! But here's a picture that she painted in acrylics instead of doing the said ironing!!

And finally I received this lovely hen from Miss Phish as part of the Autumn swap at theshabbychiccafe, isn't it sweet?


angel said...

Oh bless you and your DD, that is our worst nightmares isnt it, i am so glad that everything is ok and your DD is safe and well, i hope someone catches this person and deals with him with a big stick and a cattle prod and a tazer gun. GRRRR

Love and huge hugs to you and your family. Mwah X x X x X x X

Heart in the country said...

I'm glad Jemma wasn't badly hurt, and that there are still some decent people around who were willing to help her, lets hope the culprit gets caught and someone has the guts to make an example of him!

I hope Jodie enjoys her weekend.


Anonymous said...

I was SO sorry to read your post. I hope the horrible person gets caught VERY soon.

I agree with Angel's proposed treatment.

Glad your daughter is safe(although shaken).

With love

Lavender hearts said...

I'm glad Gemma's ok and hope her arm gets better.

I hate the type of peeps I think you're talking about - lazy, living off the state and no doubt sitting at home with the xbox 360 and 50" plasma! My OH's mum works at a naughty boy's school. It costs the tax payer 20k per student, they get taken to the cinema, go on trips all sorts! It's like they are congratulating these kids for being bad! I could go on for hours! LOL

sharie said...

Sorry to hear about your DD.
Should be stiffer penalties for imbecile drivers. The dh is still suffering since he was knocked off his bike by an 80 year old lady driving on the wrong side of the road with a dog on her knee.

Hope they catch the runaway driver and ban him.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Oh how awful, but thank god Jemma is okay. These type of people are scum, they just dont care. These days the good hardworking people dont get rewarded for being decent members of society. Ive been on the receiving end (twice) and you get such a shock. Its such a shame about Jemmas car. Its not fair. Take Care XXX

funkymonkey said...

I'm sorry to hear about the accident and I'm glad that your daughter is o.k. I couldn't agree more with what you have said. I hope the weekend improves for you.


summerfete said...

here here, couldnt agree more with you!

I hope Jemma is ok, thats not a nice thing to happen, cant believe the driver ran off??

Good luck to Jodie, hopefully the weather will treat her well!

Nice painting Tara!

I love amigurumi! Wish I could crochet better!


second wind said...

So sorry to hear of your daughter's horrid experience and hope she will soon be recovered.Angel's proposed treatments sound ideal if/ when they catch up with him. Maybe add a bit of birching and a spell in the stocks.
Love your hedgehog. Best wishes to you all, Deb x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Where do I start? LOL
You are just like me... when something is deeply upsetting me, I just have to get it of my "Big Chest!" LOL
I`m sorry to hear about your daugther`s accident... I`m glad that she is unhurt.
Although recovering from a shock maybe take a few days to recover... So, I hope that she will take it easy!
Also,I can see that you are a good baker too!
You sure are a woman of may Talents!
And your daughter seems to be too!
With supposed to do ironning skills and the wonderful oil painting!
Sorry for not stopping by sooner!
Now that I have my website going I have less time to play!
So I will come to visit you on weekends and wherever I manage a bit of Freee time.
I`m off now to see what I`ve missed!
Debbie Moss



.... LOL ....

Petticoat Lane said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Jemma's accident and it made me so angry to read about the scum that then ran off leaving his 'mute' friends to 'help' so much with revealing his itentity! I'm glad she's ok though, must have been a huge shock for her.
Tara's picture is beautiful she's so talented...who needs to iron when you can paint like that?!!
Bude looked great fun and I'm loving all the books you picked up.
Jane. xx

Kitty said...

Oh no - how awful. I really hope your daughter manages to overcome the shock (and the inevitable knock on loss of confidence about driving). I've always said it's the other people on the road we need to worry about! Running away from a crash is such a horrible thing to do.


monique said...

Oh my,
That's a terrible thing to happen. I'm so glad that your daughter is ok!I sometimes can get so angry when I hear about these accidents and the people who caused them just ran/drive away!I hope they will catch him.
What a cute little hedgehog you made, so adorable!
Have a lovely evening.

carolyn said...

What a horrid experience for your daughter, hope her arm is soon better.

Elaine said...

I do hope your daughter is feeling much better now xxx

And I agree with you about the politics (don't get me started LOL)
Didn't see Bobski, and although it's because our area has so many Poles, Chechs etc now that locals can't get work, but I could never be nasty to them. I blame the government for that too.

Love and blessings