Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bude, books and baking.

Today the 15th October is not a good day for me and is made even worse when it's so dark and dreary outside! So here's a bit of sunshine from Bude a fortnight ago.

First we go along the canal, built in the 1820's to ship sea sand to farms in North Cornwall and West Devon and is now undergoing a £5 million pound regeneration. I should imagine that is the reason for the murky water.
Now which house would you choose?

or maybe something more modern?

Or would you just hate it when nosy people, like me, walked by taking photos of your home?
Feed a few ducks.

Along the breakwater.

And to the beach.

This is a few of my books I bought from the book sale I went to a couple of weeks ago. I was quite surprised as I surpassed myself and bought 75 books!!! In my defence it only came to £22.00 and it would cost that if I bought 5 childrens books in a bookshop. That's the excuse I gave to my OH!

I didn't get Delia's book at the sale I had to pay £3.50 for that! But it has just been re-releaseed for about £13.
A few pieces of thrift including about 2m of rose print fabric for £2.

And now for my best buy these lovely little Savoy cocktail mats in unused condition for 40p. I remember my mum having some but they were most definately used these are immaculate.

A little tip if you feel a bit down and decide to cheer yourself up with a bit of baking stick to what you know! Before you look at the picture you need to know that I am quite able to make Cornish fairings and often do. What I don't normally do is try to make chocolate dipped vienesse whirls using my new cookie press. How on earth you use a cookie press I really don't know, I gave up in the end and just dolloped the mixture on the baking sheets instead. In the meantime I had taken my fairings out of the oven and left on the trays for 5 minutes to cool slightly. Because I was faffing around this turned into 20 minutes and fairings well and truly stuck to the tray! They still tasted good though and I never did dip the whirls or splodges as they are now known!

Oh well tomorrow's another day and it'll soon be Christmas!!


Kitty said...

I read that as 'Rude books and baking' ... my mind was well and truly boggling! :-O

Your bakes look fine - we've all had culinary disasters far worse than that, I'm sure.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. x

Anonymous said...

Rude books?

Well that last photo looks as though a bit of rude bakery might have gone on....

Country Bliss said...

Lol, no naked chefs round here!!

claire said...

Looks like you got some great books - I love Miffy :)

Lace hearts said...

75 books?!!! Wow!!!
Some lovely stuff there.
I've never been to Bude, but would like to - the canal looks good to walk along. I didn't know about the redevelopment.
Hope you're okay, and tomorrow's better. x

angel said...

Bless your heart (((Bliss))).
Bude looks lovely, i aint been myself but i have seen pictures. :_)

I love the waterside houses, anyone will do me. :-)

I cant believe you bought 75 books for £22 !! Bargain.

Nice thrifted bits, s'pecially the fabric ......... drool..

You well mucked up them biscuits didnt ya, are you taking a leaf outa my book........ hummmm

The booby biscuits look scrummy so not all bad... lol.

Love and hugs Honey Mwah. X x X x X

funkymonkey said...

I hope toay will be a better day for you. Thank you for sharing your photographs of Bude. As I only can spend one week there each year it is wonderful to see alittle of it now and then. Have a good day - sun is shining here today - I hope it's the same in Cornwall.

summerfete said...

The 15th was a sad day for me and my family yesterday too, so you are not alone.

Hope today is brighter!


second wind said...

Thanks for the lovely tour around Bude. Your book buys are wonderful. I own several of those titles too. I should really get them unpacked from their boxes and enjoy them again. Baking failures? I could list loads, but they're often the ones that get remembered aren't they!!

Ragged Roses said...

75 books for £22, that's amazing, it sounds like you had fun! Love the little mats, and if I had to choose a house it would be one of the older ones.
Hope today is better for you

Ragged Roses said...

75 books for £22, that's amazing, it sounds like you had fun! Love the little mats, and if I had to choose a house it would be one of the older ones.
Hope today is better for you

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Yvonne, that was a lovely post. Im glad you are nosey enough to take photos of peoples houses LOL! I would definately choose one of the older ones everytime, but ask me after winter when our wallpaper has fallen off again because our house wasnt built with cavity wall insulation! I love books, you got a great bargain there. I hope today was a better day for you than yesterday X

Sal said...

Book bargains galore!!How wonderful ;-)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Wow I love your books, china and your mats!
But I must say that what I liked the most was the wonderful trip around Bude.
What a lovely place to live nearby!
Your cookies... the ones that gone wrong don`t look so bad...
Believe me, I have done much worst!
They had do go straight to the bin!LOL

Hugs to you...
Debbie Moss