Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Dahlias and more at Eden

Thankyou for all your comments on my last post. I haven't been blogging long but I have found it such a great place to moan or to rejoice, whatever the subject reading comments can always pick you up. Jemma has now hired a car for a few weeks, at great expense, as the insurance company don't provide courtesy cars if your car is a write off. Now she just hopes that the insurance money comes through quickly so she can buy a new car.

Now for a little stroll around Eden. I've probably mentioned once or twice that I adore going there and have a yearly pass. It still gives me a tingle in my spine as it first comes into view, it is just awesome! Who would believe that these photos were taken on the 12th of October. The weather here has changed since then and the leaves are now tumbling from the trees. I will be going there again on Sunday for the Halloween celebrations so it will be interesting to see if Autumn has arrived in the past 2 weeks.
First the stunning Dahlia's.

Beautiful blue delphiniums.

The name of these escapes me, I have been at toddler group for 3 hours this morning!


Stocks, the scent is just amazing, this is when you need smellyvision.

And of course we mustn't forget the fruit and veg!
The grape harvest.



Beautiful aubergines, I just love that colour.

St Germans choir was singing in the biome, the accoustics were amazing.


Sal said...

That was so lovely of you to invite us along on your Eden trip.Those Dahlias are fab!!

LOUISE said...

The Eden Project is great, we visited some years ago now, in September. In this particular year the country was experiencing a heatwave and we very nearly perished whilst walking around the hot and temperate zones! I would love to re-visit on a cooler day. I really like dahlias and would love more in my garden. Really nice to see your photos, which may very well give me some hints for additions to the garden next year. I am not surprised you always appreciate spending time in such an amazing place. Is the pub in Bugle still there? We had the best breakfast ever, and to this day we always compare the quality of sausages to theirs! x

Kitty said...

The Eden Project is on my 'must do' list.

So pleased to hear Jemma is back driving again. Hope her money comes through soon. x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Jemma has wheels again.

Love Eden - we went when it first opened and then again towards the end of November last year. In fact both visits were in November and we had glorious weather.

Loved watching everyone in the ice rink with the snow falling!

angel said...

How lovely Bliss, thank you for sharing all those lovely flowers and veg and stuff.......... *smile*

Bless Jemma, im so glad she is back driving again. Mwah X.

X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Heart in the country said...

I'm glad Jemma is back on the road, and that her insurance gets sorted soon.

Lovely pictures of Eden, we went a couple of years ago and although it was summer we had torrential rain and you could hardly breathe in the domes because of the humidity. We ended up at Jamaica Inn on the way home - brilliant, its just a shame it is all so many hours drive away;0(

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

This is one place that I would and will visit one day for sure!
Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
You made my day... for sharing such prettiness!
Debbie Moss

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

P.S - I hope that Jemma soon gets her new car!
She sure deserves it after what she has been through!
It just isn`t fair that the insurance doesn`t pay for the car rental... after all it wasn`t her fault!
Debbie Moss

cinnamon cottage said...

Hello hope you dont mind I have tagged you, you can find the rules on my blog, blessings Jan x

Jennie said...

What gorgeous gorgeous flowers!! Fantastic photos!
Good to hear about Jemma back driving again.

Lolla Moon said...

oh wow, this place is just too awesome. i want to spend an antire day going around it.

Lace hearts said...

I love Eden - we try to go there at least once a year. We managed to take the kids last winter when they had the skating rink, which was an added attraction for them. Thanks for posting the pics. They bring back happy memories. Must go again soon.

sharie said...

Great photos. You are so luck having this place near you.

second wind said...

I've never been so thank you for the peek. Those beautiful blue flowers are Agapanthus and are one of my favourites.
Glad Jemma is OK and driving again.How ridiculous that a courtesy car is not allowed!x

Indigo Blue said...

Snap, I took sone similiar pictures at Eden for a recycled bag I am making. I am hopeing that one day I will be able to grow Dahlias as lovely as the Eden ones. They are such a splash of colour.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Such lovely photos!

carolyn said...

Thanks for the tour of Eden, it is now definetly on the must go to list.

summerfete said...

I went to Eden when first opened, I didnt know they grew dahlias though, lovely.

Glad Jemma is ok. Hope Jodie had a great weekend!


Petticoat Lane said...

Oh, I'd love to go to the Eden Project, how wonderful to have a yearly pass. Our girls have been too young on our last few trips to Cornwall to appreciate it, and for us to enjoy it!! (one or other was a baby at the time), but I'm so looking forward to us all going next year hopefully.
The photo's were lovely, thank you for taking the time to share all of those with us, it brightened up my morning.
Hope it's not too long now until the insurance money comes through and Jemma is able to get herself a new car.
Jane. x