Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

I do love to decorate my porch for Halloween. We usually have a steady stream of trick or treaters from 5 o clock till 8 ish. Looking at the weather, dry and sunny, I should imagine it'll be busy this evening. We are lucky that we live in a very small village and the children know who's doors to knock on. Even I wouldn't knock on my neighbour's door she's way too scary!!
Even a lot of the elderly villagers enjoy it and answer their doors with a bountiful supply of sweets, chocolate and fruit. They love to see the children in their costumesand it has been known for some of them to dress up themselves and join in the fun.

And at the end of the evening the children all troop home with enough chocolate etc to last a month or more.

I had a problem this year as I couldn’t find my box of ceramic decorations. It’s a very large box and will probably turn up tomorrow. So I had to improvise and quickly make some card bunting using my scrapbook supplies.

A very hastily put together gravestone.

This is me on a good day!

And on a bad day!

Jodie’s pumpkin.

Tara’s Winnie the Pooh pumpkin.

I’ve made some spider cakes, pumpkin and witches cat biscuits, with some help off of Lily of course.

Dandy Pumpkin Great is trying to decide which one to have first!

And finally Halloween in miniature.

I must now go and get a little spider ready.
Have fun!

Well there are definately Gremlins about as I have been trying to post this since 3.15 and it's now 9 o clock, part of the font keeps coming out too small to see!

So I thought I'd just as well take this opportunity to update and here's a photo of Lily dressed as a spider, pumpkin pot in hand and eager to get outside in the dark!

She soon caught on to the fact that if you say 'that's my favourite' whatever anyone gives you they are sure to give you more! This probably only happens to 2 year olds.

Yay I think it's working now after retyping one part 4 times. If it took much longer I would've been changing the title to Merry Christmas!


summerfete said...

hi Yvonne
Gosh you really go for Halloween. My local kids had chewits and refresher bars, all good intentions and whatnot!! What a super Mum you are! Hope Lily had lots of sweeties too!
Clare x

Petticoat Lane said...

OMIGOD Lily looks adorable, She's such a pretty little girl, no wonder she got extra sweets!!
You've given me some great ideas for next year, love the spiders out of choccie buttons. I'm very impressed how you just 'knocked up' some bunting and a tombstone on Friday am. The pumkins were great and how good was the Winnie the Poo one?!!
Hope all your children had a lovely day.
Jane. xx

Anonymous said...

How cool, I wish our village was into Halloween, sadly they are not.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh you did have a lot of fun!

Lolla Moon said...
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Lolla Moon said...

So much fun! And look at all those amazing candies and cookies.
In Europe we don't really have halloween, unfortunately.

LOUISE said...

What a great fun halloween was had in your household. Talking of Christmas we were a bit bah humbug to say the least on the eve of halloween. We were both really tired after a day at work, and to discourage any trick or treaters which may have stumbled across us, we didn't light our pumpkins, how mean is that! I do love children really, and I did have a bag of lollies ready, maybe I shall save them for the carol singers! x

Lace hearts said...

It looks as if you had great fun. We enjoy it - but I have to warn the neighbours that we're coming, as otherwise they won't open their doors! x