Tuesday, 7 October 2008

In remembrance.

Four years ago today my mum passed away.

Here are a few very random things that remind me of her and memories, some quirky that I don't want to be forgotten in the passing of time.

* My mum was born on 22nd December 1930 in Nottingham and came to live in Cornwall after her wedding to my dad in 1953. (There is a post about the wedding but I don't know how to link to it.)

* She was bought up a Catholic and wanted to be a nun but became C of E when she married.

* One part of her Catholic upbringing meant we were never allowed meat on Fridays, it always had to be fish!

* She went to Rome to see the Pope John Paul II about 8 years ago and was delighted.

I do hope my elder brothers appreciate me putting this photo on here!

* She was quite fit and healthy and full of joy de vivre. She belonged to a walking club and went on weekly 5 mile or so walks right up until the day before she collasped with a stroke, 2 days before she died.

* She loved to dance and would do so at any given occasion especially at weddings. She even joined my older girls on their dance mats, she was probably 72 then! After I dragged her along to participate in a 5 hour aerobathon she took up line dancing and this became her weekly night out, without my dad, again this was right up until her death.

* She loved to sing, often this was in a Hilda Ogden (Coronation Street) fashion, of course she didn't mind being referred to as Hilda Ogden as Coronation Street was one of her favourite programmes along with Dallas. You could also guarantee a phone call on your birthday and pick up to the strains of 'Happy birthday to you' Other favourites were 'Ave Maria', 'Pie Jesu' 'Edelweiss' and 'Meet me in St Louis'

* The worst singing and dancing memory I have is when she went to Spain in 1981, her first holiday abroad, she came home with the 'Birdie song' record in Spanish which had to be played, danced to and sung over and over again lol!

* She had no fear, trusted everyone and spoke to anyone. I had to nag her into being more careful going out at night as she would think nothing of walking the dog at 2 in the morning.

* Her favourite flower was a deep red rose but she loved daffodils as well.

* She did the crossword in the newspaper everyday and wouldn't be very happy if you beat her to it! She enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and watching quiz shows.

* She adored ballroom dancing and ice skating and would have loved 'Strictly come dancing' and 'Dancing on ice' as Torvil and Dean were her favourites.

* She was 73 when she died and it's such a shame that she never got to see Lily as I believe that she is very much like her. I like to think that she is watching over us though and have had white feathers fall in front of me whenever I have worried about anything. This happened a lot in the first few months, indoors as well, not just to me but also to my eldest daughter. I happened to mention it to someone, this was about a month later, as I thought it was strange and she said it's apparently a sign that the deceased is okay. I looked it up on the internet and there are loads of stories about it. It certainly made me feel a bit better at the time and still does when it happens. Please don't think I'm la-la, I'm quite sceptical about things normally but also throughout her funeral there were massive rainbows in the sky one after the other, which is also a sign apparently, bizarre I know!
* I have only used old photos in this post as those are the ones I can cope with, anyway the images were so much nicer in the 50's.


sharie said...

Awww what a lovely post about your mum. I lost mine two years ago this month so can appreciate the precious memories you posted.
Have never heard of the white feather dropping in front of you is a sign of the deceased looking after you but what a lovely thought.

summerfete said...

Oh Yvonne such a lovely post, I'm thinking of you today. Your Mum was beautiful.

I knew about the feather thing. Last week a feather appeared where I sit in the garden and remember the robin that came to visit?. Well that was before I knew my Gran had died, so I'm a believer!

Clare x

Heart in the country said...

What a lovely post. It's so nice that you have such amazing memories.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

This post is so very touching!
I hope that when I`m gone... my 3 treasures will remember me in such a loving way... as you remember your dear Mum.
She sure was a beautiful lady!
Debbie Moss

Anonymous said...

Lovely post about a beautiful lady...

Sal said...

It's a most beautiful post.Your mum looks so lovely.
Sal ;-)

Anonymous said...

ahhh...what a beautiful post, with lovely memories. thought I would come over to your blog to say hi after your lovely comments on mine.

Kitty said...

Hello. Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and taking the time to comment. Secondly, I have enjoyed reading through some of yours.

I can relate to this post so much. It will soon be 8 years since my dad died. That he and my son (born 4 days after his death) never met, will be something I'll always regret. My son is so like him.

I hope your anniversary day hasn't been too painful - I know how it is, it just creeps up on you, even when you think you'll be fine.

Take care :-) x

angel said...

What a fitting tribute for your Mother Bliss.
Lily is the spitting image of your Mum, imo.
Your Mum sounds wonderful Bliss, she sounds like the sort of mother we all should have had, Bless her.*Hugs*

I dont think i have heard the feather thingy before? but as Cornwall is renowned for its Old Wives tales why am i not surprised. LOL.
Lovely post Honey. Mwah X x X x X x X

Tilly said...

This is such a lovely post. The photo's of your mum are wonderful. I'm sure she is looking down on you and smiling right now.

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely tribute to your mum, she sounds like a very special lady. My Dad died 6 years ago, so never met my son, sometimes he looks at me with a certain expression and it is JUST like looking at my Dad. I'm sure our loved ones do watch over us, and we will always carry them with us in our hearts and minds.
Twiggy x

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

your Mom was so wonderful. It is great that you can have such happy memories :-) I hope you have a fantastic night!! hugs! Britt :-)

Elizabethd said...

What a very touching post, and such treasured memories shared. Photos back then had much more character somehow.
It is 12 years since my mother died, and there are occasions when I still want to ring her to tell her something.
Thank you for your memories.

carolyn said...

What lovely memories, my Mother also died 4 years ago. I've been told that the white feather is a message that your angels are near you and Have to say that sometimes I find one when I could really use an angel's help.

This Vintage Life... said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mum. She sounds like a great lady x

jules said...

what a lovely tribute all your memories remembered as if it was just yesterday, I lost my mum 26 years ago so I don't have as many memories as you. Your mum sounds as if she led a full and happy life, who can wish for more. Thinking of you

love jules xx

sue15cat said...

An absolutely beautiful post. Very moving, and a lovely tribute to your mum.

Sue xx

Indigo Blue said...

What a lovely and interesting post to read. Your mother certainly had many interests and an interesting life. I hope someone has so much to write about me one day. Take care.

Vintage Tea said...

What a lovely post. I loved hearing about the feathers, a friend always found pennies "from her grandfather" when she was worried about something

Victoria x

Penny said...

what a sweet, sweet tribute to your mom!

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your mother.I htink it is important to remember.Thank you too for your kind words on my blog about my ceramics. My Christmas Give away draw will be drawn tomorrow on my ceramicsa blog http://glazedexpression.blogspot.com/
so good luck!

Ann said...

It never fails to make me teary-eyed whenever I read someone's tribute to their Moms. I miss mine too. Thanks for the lovely post and for sharing your thoughts.

Angel said...

what a touching post.

Your mum was very beautiful. Lovely photos.You are lucky to have such wonderful memories with her.

My mum abandoned me when very small. My Nan adopted me and brought me up-she was mother and father to me (although the relationship was quite complex)

Unfortunately she died just 4 weeks ago. The day before she died a white feather came in the back door and I was cross because I hoovered it up by mistake!
Then since the evening she died I have had several experiences including white feathers all over the roof of our barn, but only above where the bedrooms are, a patch of white feathers in front of my bedroom window, feathers drifting in front of the car, and once when I was crying one drifted outside in front of me as looking out of the window...
Hence I'm posting this note to you. I definitely believe now...not sure whether it is the deceased or someone else but feel for sure there is someone there watching over us and that has provided me with real comfort.

warm wishes

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing your memories xx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Such a lovely post and lovely memories. Your mum was very beautiful. I have heard many stories of white feathers appearing and although I havent experienced this myself I do believe there is something.XXX

cinnamon cottage said...

love the camper van article they are so pretty im a bit late for the swap which is a real shame but what a lovely idea... we have one and she is called Merril love going away in her!! thankyou for leaving a comment for me much appreciated, will be back for a visit soon, Jan x

LOUISE said...

Such lovely memories and photos of your dear mum. The first night I slept at home the day my mum died, I kept the curtains open. Not sleeping, I looked out up into the night sky and a brilliant star caught my eye. From that moment on I think of this star as being my mum shining down on us. This does give me some comfort when things aren't going so well. I understand entirely how much you must miss your mum, not only a parent but a best friend too. Lots of love. x